FEE - Copyright, Regulatory, Bank/Licensing Fees

The Copyright, Regulatory, and Licensing payment is used when requesting a payment for an appropriate fee or license expense.

Examples Include:

  • Copyright fees, including Use and Scan fees for art and photos.
  • Building or use permit fees
  • Disposal fees
  • One-time licensing fees paid to regulatory agencies
  • Pseudo-government accreditation fees, on behalf of departments or programs (individuals should be Professional Certifications and Licenses)
  • Regulatory fees to foreign countries to allow researchers
  • Royalty payments, if not covered by a PO
  • Miscellaneous tax agency payments, such as property tax

In order to process, SSO will need either an invoice, application form, letter from the vendor, etc., showing the required payment amount for the item, remittance address and any othe supporting documentation.

To submit for processing:

Create a new OPP Payment/Refund request and attach all of the required items.