EEV – Entertainment Expense Voucher

The Entertainment Expense Voucher (EEV) payment reason code is used to pay a vendor for an entertainment-related expense that does NOT accept payment by credit card.

To submit an Entertainment Expense for processing:

Create an OPP request that includes the following:

  1. Vendor’s invoice
  2. Number of Participants.  The number of participants will be the number of people invited to the event or the estimated number of guests used to place catering orders. This will ensure that per person limit is not exceeded due to no shows.
  3. List of Attendees. Provide First and Last Name. Title (examples include Student, Professor, President, Donor or Candidate).  UC Davis Affiliation. Will always be one of the following: Business, Guest, Employee or Spouse. A flyer of invitation is acceptable in place of a list of attendees for “open invite” events, as well as a copy of the e-mailed invitation.
  4. Entertainment Reason. Describe how this event was official university business and why meals/refreshments were served.
  5. A completed and signed EEV form.