The Shared Services Organization was launched in 2012 to support administrative streamlining called for in the UC Davis Vision of Excellence.

It is a multifunction center providing services in Human Resources, Payroll, and Purchasing to approximately 20% of the campus, currently focused on the administrative functions, which translates to supporting about 6,900 employees in 154 campus departments.

What is Shared Services?

Shared Services is a business model that allows organizations to leverage resources across the entire organization and provide services to multiple business units resulting in lower costs. Shared Services are built to be internally focused on providing services to an organization with the goal of high quality, mission critical services that directly support core missions.  At UC Davis, our mission is to enable our clients to support students, staff, and faculty.

Shared Services is not a new business model. The business model has been adopted in various industries for approximately 30 years.

Other Shared Services Centers