Guidelines for departments using volunteers.

Volunteer appointments without salary are to be utilized when an individual volunteers their assistance or services directly and under the supervision of the university without promise or expectation of compensation.

Department Responsibilities:

  • Department should first determine the duties to be performed and determine if the volunteer is 18 or over. Note: minors (under the age of 18) require additional reviews, approvals, and parental permission.
  • Review the need for a volunteer/without salary employee.
  • Contact your department's Talent Acquisition Partner (recruiter) to discuss the circumstances and nature of the volunteer appointment and/or to identify potential interested candidates.
  • Have the volunteer complete the Oath and Patent form. Keep this form in your department's personnel file.
  • Complete the Volunteer Information Record form. Keep this form in your department's personnel file.
  • In the event of a claim, Workers' Compensation will contact your department for the documentation.  

Talent Acquisition Partner Responsibilities:

  • Your department's Talent Acquisition Partner will respond to any inquiries and discuss the appropriateness of duties that may be performed by the volunteer.