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Conversational Intelligence for Career Growth

Judith E. Glaser, the author of Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ), states, “To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of our culture, which depends on the quality of our relationships, which depends on the quality of our conversations. Everything happens through conversations!” Words do matter! A concept based in neuroscience, Conversational Intelligence® is the key to success in life and business. It’s not about how smart you are, but how open you are to learn new and effective powerful conversational rituals that prime the brain for trust, partnership, and mutual success.

June 21, 2018
Dawn Karner
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WEBINAR: Resume Rescue

Is your resume outdated, confusing, too wordy, lacking relevant accomplishment statements, or simply a reformatted version of your job description? Do you know it doesn’t make a good impression on hiring managers but you’re not sure how to make improvements? Don’t worry, this workshop is here to help! Learn how to rescue your resume so that it captures the attention of hiring managers, powerfully presents your relevant skills and abilities, and gets you the interview. Attend this workshop and the get the help you need.

May 24, 2018
Instructor: Andrea Weiss
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Transferable Talent: Thinking Outside the Box

Have you ever wondered if you could succeed in another role, department, or even another organization? Understanding how your transferable skills can be applied to another role is essential for today's savvy professionals. In this upbeat workshop, you will define transferable skills and acquire strategies for assessing them. This is your opportunity to think outside the box about your transferable talent—while having fun. 

April 26, 2018
Instructor: Lisa Montanaro
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Focus Forward with Feedback: Getting from Here to There

As we know, the word “back” is in the word “feedback.” Let’s not lose sight of the opportunities to use information, provided in performance reviews and feedback sessions, to face forward. This session will provide suggestions on ways to maximize evaluations of your work. By orienting yourself to the future, you can motivate yourself to chart a clear path toward next year’s goals.

March 29, 2018
Instructor: Dana Hinojosa
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Career Enhancement through Mindfulness

Have you ever wondered how you could give your career a kick-start? Look no further! In this workshop, you will explore how mindfulness can enhance your career. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to create more awareness around what is important to you, hone your present-based mindset, and learn to make decisions that have greater impact on your career trajectory. Be prepared for introspective fun!

February 22, 2018
Instructor: Andrea Weiss

Introverts at the Office: Learning to Thrive

Workplaces often value the gregarious, outgoing extrovert, while sometimes discounting the exceptional qualities of the quiet, thoughtful introvert. Research shows that our society and our workplaces function best with a healthy mix of both temperaments. This workshop will explore how introverts live and function more effectively in a world that can at times seem overstimulating.  If you’re an introvert, you’ll learn to harness your strengths, instead of forcing yourself to fit into an extrovert mold. If you’re an extrovert, you’ll learn to value and draw upon the power of introverts’ thoughtful, quiet nature. If you’re not sure where you fall on the introvert-extrovert continuum, you’ll have the opportunity to take a quick assessment that will provide insight into your temperament and help you harness your personal strengths.

January 25, 2018
Instructor: Angela Lindley
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Interviewing with Confidence

Do you want to interview with confidence? You can improve your strategy by knowing what to expect and how to answer difficult interview questions. This workshop will help you know what to say when asked, “Tell us about yourself” and will prepare you for an interview by anticipating questions. Explore “behavioral interview” questions and how to handle them. Interviewing with confidence is presenting yourself in a way that is comfortable for you.

November 2, 2017
Instructor: Andrea Weiss
Materials (PDF)

Exploring Career Options through Informational Interviewing

Whether you’re in the initial stages of career exploration or would like advice to target your job search, informational interviewing can help you build your network and learn about current developments in a field of interest. Without the pressure associated with a formal job interview, many people find that informational interviewing is an engaging way to learn about a profession, organization, or industry. This workshop will provide tips for identifying people you’d like to connect with, asking for an informational interview, preparing for a productive conversation, setting a comfortable tone, and following up on new insights. Let curiosity be your guide as you engage in informal conversations to explore new career options!

October 5, 2017
Instructor: Joanna Siebert