Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA) Policy

Important Information Regarding California Child Abuse & Neglect Act

The California Child Abuse and Neglect Act (CANRA) requires employers to identify “Mandated Reporters” and secure, as a condition of employment, acknowledgment of their status and reporting obligations.

These are individuals required to report observed or suspected child abuse or neglect to designated law enforcement or social service agencies and secure, as a condition of employment, acknowledgment of their status and reporting obligations.

Frequently asked questions and a chart listing categories of personnel that are deemed mandated reporters is found in UC CANRA Policy, Appendix A. If any of the following apply, then a position at the University will be designated as a mandated reporter per UC CANRA Policy:

  • UC Davis Health Position
  • Healthcare Professional (Davis Campus employees)
  • Contact with children on a regular basis or supervises a position in contact with children on a regular basis either on or off campus
  • Supervising minor employees*
  • Athletic coach, including, but not limited to, an assistant coach or a graduate assistant involved in coaching
  • Law Enforcement and Public Safety Professionals
  • Human Resources employees (including academic personnel staff or other employees) who are charged with handling discrimination, harassment, retaliation etc. complaints*
  • Day care worker*
  • Highschool internship supervisor
  • Positions designated as mandated reporters due to their licensure or profession

If any of the above apply, then the candidate for that position must sign the CANRA acknowledgment form at the time of hire.  CANRA training is required for certain designated positions with an *.  Schools, colleges, and divisions can require CANRA training at their discretion.  Please contact Staff Development and Professional Services for CANRA Training questions. 

UC Office of the President has asked the campuses to affirm their compliance with the existing statutory requirements. Your assistance is needed to ensure that your organization has implemented the following actions as appropriate:

  • Advise all new employees in positions identified as “Mandated Reporters” of the requirements to report any observed or suspected child abuse or neglect, and ask them to complete the CANRA acknowledgment form as a condition of employment.

CANRA Acknowledgment Form:

  • The CANRA acknowledgment form should be signed within 30 days of an employee/ hire's identification as a mandated reporter, whether the employee/hire is hired or promoted into an applicable position. 
  • The completed CANRA acknowledgment form should be sent to central HR for staff positions and to Academic Affairs for academic positions. A copy of the completed acknowledgment form needs to be retained with the employee's departmental personnel files. 
  • The completed CANRA acknowledgment form for the official personnel file can be submitted to (for campus) or by going to AGGIESERVICE and using the "Ask a Question" option to submit the form (for UCD Health).  


To report observed or suspected child abuse or neglect, UC policy requires mandated reporters to do the following: 

  • Call the Police for assaults or if there is an immediate danger of abuse.  Reports must be made immediately after observing or forming reasonable suspicion of abuse or neglect, or as soon as practically possible by phone. 
  • Internal Report: File an internal report with the University. An internal report may be made anonymously . An internal report may be made through the Ethics Hotline (i.e. Whistleblower Hotline), The University Compliance Hotline, or to a supervisor (supervisors who receive reports should promptly forward those to the University Compliance Hotline). Note: See UCD Health Policy 1528 for specific process at Health. Note: Student Health and Wellness Center positions are to follow their internal process for reporting.
  • External Report: Initial external reports must be made immediately by telephone to a Child Protective Agency (agencies include police, sheriff's department, and county Child Protective Service) and followed by a written report as soon as reasonably practicable (within 36 hours of receiving the information about the incident). The written report must include the information found in Section 1167(a) of the CANRA and submitted on form BCIA 8572, available at Suspected Child Abuse Report Form and Instructions

If you have any questions regarding this policy or whether certain employees in your organization are "mandated reporters", please contact Carolina Lopez, Background Check and Policy Administrator at  


Ethics Point Hotline (internal whistleblower hotline)*/University Compliance Hotline

UC Davis Compliance Department

UC Davis Police Department
City of Davis Police Department
City of Sacramento Police Department
Yolo County Child Welfare Services
Sacramento County Child Protective Services


UCD Health Policy 1528 Reporting and Management of Suspected Child Abuse, Neglect and Sexual Abuse