Katherine Parpana's photo

Katherine ‘Kat’ Parpana, M.A. serves as a Diversity and Inclusion Educator for the University of California, Davis in the Office of Campus Community Relations, a unit in the Office of the Chancellor. Kat supports the campus diversity education program, which includes being called upon by academic and administrative departments regarding diversity and inclusion issues. Kat worked for Academic and Student Affairs since 2011 in various advising capacities, in addition to working for the UC Davis campus since 2008. This allowed her to gain experience and knowledge in the various intersections of diversity, equity, and inclusion education and advocacy work, especially as it relates to underrepresented and underserved student populations. Prior to joining the Office of Campus Community Relations team in 2019, Kat served on many campus initiatives and constituency groups dedicated to the advancement of marginalized and underrepresented scholar and staff organizations on campus, including the “Developing Deeper Advising Relationships” modules.