Female doctor has her stethoscope out checking a man's heartbeat. The man is a patient laying in bed.

Protecting yourself during a crisis is important.

Protecting yourself during a crisis is important.

You must learn how to stay safe if the person in crisis is throwing objects at you.  The first thing you should do is block and move to safety.  This means put your hands up in front of your face and move out of the way to a place where you can avoid being hit.  During this time, make sure to protect your groin, throat, stomach, and eyes with your hands and arms.  If possible, leave the room quickly.  You do not want to be stuck in a place that will cause you potential serious harm.  Your safety is a priority. 

Lastly, sign up for our CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention course to learn more skills to de-escalate verbal and physical attacks for your safety.

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