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UC Davis Resume Tips: Crafting a Resume That Says "You Belong Here"

"You Belong Here!" This sentiment isn't just a statement; it's an invitation, a rallying call, and the cornerstone of our You Belong Here Event Series.

At UC Davis, we're committed to providing resources, best practices, and support to future employees. Why? Because we're genuinely invested in your success – from the start of your job search, all the way to your first day on the job.

Now, diving into crafting a resume that says "You Belong Here” - a resume is your first impression, so which resume format best showcases your talents!

Based on the feedback from our recruitment teams and the industry's best practices, the Hybrid Format wins hands down.

Breaking Down the Big Three Formats

  • Chronological FormatLists your work chronology, starting from the most recent to the earliest. This “timeless” resume format doesn't always place enough emphasis on how a candidate's unique blend of skills and accomplishments align with the position's requirements.
  • Functional Format: Omits specific dates, spotlighting your skills and areas of specialization. Functional resumes omit employment dates and can sometimes be seen as an attempt to hide gaps in employment or frequent job changes. Our hiring managers at UC Davis understand life's complexities, and occasional gaps aren't deal-breakers. However, the absence of dates can be a red flag.
  • Hybrid Format: A fusion! It prioritizes accomplishments, skills, and personal branding for the initial segment, followed by your work history in reverse chronological order. The Hybrid Format allows you to prioritize relevant details, helping you shine a spotlight on your accomplishments, skills and experience, and personal brand - everything UC Davis looks for in its top-tier candidates.

Why the Hybrid Format Aligns with "You Belong Here"

The essence of "You Belong Here" is recognition and acceptance of diverse talents and stories. The hybrid resume format reflects this spirit by:

  • Prioritizing relevant accomplishments that reflect your unique journey.
  • Showcasing diverse skills and experiences upfront, reinforcing UC Davis' commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Painting a comprehensive picture of your career trajectory, emphasizing growth and learning.

Join us at the You Belong Here Event Series to further unlock the secrets of job hunting at UC Davis. With both virtual and in-person sessions covering everything from navigating our Job Board to preparing for our formal interview process, we're here every step of the way. Because at UC Davis, when we say, "You Belong Here," we mean it.

So, which resume format are you leveraging? Whichever it is, remember to infuse it with your unique story, because UC Davis is waiting to welcome you.

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