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Hiring Guidelines During COVID-19 Response

Recruiting, hiring and onboarding continue during the COVID-19 response.

UC Davis is still actively recruiting applicants we are committed to creating a safe, healthy recruiting experience for candidates and hiring managers.

Hiring managers, HR partners and Talent Acquisition are advised to utilize the following guidelines.


  • Conduct all candidate interviews via video conference or telephone, if possible 
  • Limit in-person interviews to final interviews, though it is acceptable to make an offer based solely on video interviews
  • Ensure in-person interview locations allow for appropriate social distancing
  • Advise the candidate not to attend the interview if they feel ill
  • Use small interview panels - one to three members

Extend Offers & Start Dates:

  • Continue hiring and making offers to the extent feasible
  • Establish start dates in consultation with Talent Acquisition
  • Advise candidates that start dates may shift in response to COVID-19 related closures or restrictions
  • Hiring managers may choose to:
    • Delay start dates where an applicant has COVID-19 or associated symptoms and cannot make the start date
    • Withdraw an offer where an applicant has COVID-19 or associated symptoms and cannot make the start date.  Based on current CDC guidance, this individual cannot safely enter the workplace


UC Davis Health

  • The Health Service Channel facilitates the pre-employment processes remotely, including background check, drug screening, scheduling Employee Health screening and new hire paperwork.
  • If a candidate is unable to complete any of the pre-employment process (background check, drug screening, Employee Health screening, new-hire paperwork) that may affect the start date, hiring managers will be notified by their Talent Acquisition Partner.
  • New hires are still required to complete their Employee Health screening, but if ill, should call their recruiter and NOT attend the appointment.  

Davis Campus  

  • Service Channels will facilitate all pre-employment processes remotely, including onboarding.
  • New hires will be notified in advance of any special instructions.
  • Employees hired remotely will need to present their I-9 documents in person once the campus resumes normal operations.


UC Davis Health

  • Non-nurses will attend the New Employee Welcome online, or it may be rescheduled.
    • The 30-day requirement to attend will be extended until the rescheduled date.
  • New Nurses to will continue to attend the New Employee Welcome on their first day as part of their New Nurse Onboarding and Training.
  • For more new employee information, please visit: hr.ucdavis.edu/employees/new-employees/ucdhs
  • Download the New Employee Resource Manual (.pdf)

Davis Campus


Please contact Talent Acquisition or Service Channel Representative