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Together, Let's Make a Difference: Support the Staff Emergency Fund

It's the remarkable spirit of care and sense of community that sets UC Davis apart. Knowing that our university community genuinely cares for the people that work here helps to inspire all of us to go above and beyond and experience a sense of belonging.

As we rebuild the Staff Emergency Funds for the Davis campus and UC Davis Health, we are reminded of the incredible impact of this lifeline for employees in need.  Over $315,000 in emergency financial assistance has been provided to hundreds of staff members facing unexpected life challenges and financial hardships.

However, the need remains pressing.  As we all know, life is full of unexpected hardships and this fund is there for our dedicated colleagues when they find themselves in life's most difficult circumstances.

You Can Help!

On October 1st, the Staff Emergency Fund will open as part of Crowdfund UC Davis, and I'm inviting you to join me in two meaningful ways:

  1. Make a Donation in October: Your contribution, no matter the size, can make a significant difference in the lives of our staff members. Donate today to UC Davis Health fund or Davis campus fund.
  2. Share the Staff Emergency Fund: Extend the circle of support by sharing the Staff Emergency Fund with your department and colleagues, friends and family, and anyone who values the invaluable contributions of UC Davis staff. Make use of our marketing tools for Staff Emergency Fund promotion, including messages and graphics.

We all know staff members who make UC Davis great, but we may also know those who need a helping hand. Your generosity can provide the support they need to overcome unexpected financial challenges and brighten someone's day, like we did for these recipients:

I'm over the top Grateful and Thankful to UC Davis during these very difficult times! I tell everyone how lucky I am to be a part of this campus!"

This act of caring goes a long way, and I won’t forget to give when I’m in a better financial position."

The Support is Rolling In!

I’m ecstatic to announce that we’re already making progress in replenishing the fund, thanks to the enormous generosity of UC Davis organizations who have already pledged contributions:

  • Offices of Chancellor and Provost
  • Finance, Operations and Administration
  • UC Davis Health
  • Student Affairs
  • Information and Educational Technology
  • Office of Research
  • Human Resources
  • Davis Campus Staff Assembly
  • Development and Alumni Relations
  • UC Davis Library

Now it’s your turn to join us in rebuilding our Staff Emergency Fund, because this support for our staff is only possible with your kind-hearted generosity.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Tammy Kenber
Chief Human Resources Officer