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Donate to the Staff Emergency Fund  

We have exhausted our UC Davis Campus Staff Emergency Funds by supporting staff in financial distress.

Help us grow the fund and we’ll keep helping UC Davis staff so they can keep making the university better every day.  

In 2021, we awarded $48,500 to 60 Davis campus staff who faced unforeseen financial hardship. There are applications we could fund immediately if you’ll help us rebuild the fund.  

“The Staff Emergency Fund was originally created to aid employees through difficult times brought on by the pandemic and many are still feeling the effect of the pandemic” remarked Christine Lovely, Chief Human Resources Officer. “Let’s rally together to rebuild this fund and help our community through these tough times.”   

A Gift of Any Size Will Make a Difference 

Both my parents contracted COVID-19 and I had to help with their meals, medications, transportation and other essentials to help get them through the illness. With this financial burden, I fell behind on my utility bills. Thankfully, the Staff Emergency Fund was able to provide a $1,000 grant to help me get back on my feet and catch up on my bills. 
– Staff Recipient 

When my mom passed away suddenly, I was without childcare for my children and had to take time off work to care for my kids. I was also responsible for covering all the financial costs of the service and memorial arrangements. This was both financially and emotionally devastating. The grant from Staff Emergency Fund helped me get through this difficult time.  
– Staff Recipient 

My husband lost his job due to COVID-19 and once his unemployment ended, we had difficulty paying our full rent payments. Our utilities and food costs had increased because our children were home distance learning, and the Staff Emergency Fund was able to provide $1,000 to help us catch up on our rent. 
– Staff Recipient 

Where the Funds Go 

Donations to the Staff Emergency Fund will provide assistance – up to $1,000 – to employees whose income could not cover an unexpected financial burden. Grants assist in a number of areas including past due utilities, food, transportation, uncovered medical expenses and expenses related to the death of a family member.  

Help Grow the Staff Emergency Fund 

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Other Ways to Help Aggies 

You can support students, children and the animals we love with a gift of any size to the programs below: 

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