Celebrating Inclusivity: Lived Name Policy Progress

As we celebrate Pride Month, it fills us with joy to share UC Davis’ progress toward adopting the University of California’s Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) policy.

Update 10/17/2023: Article on Updating your Name in UCPath and Other Online Systems

This includes a major step that we will implement in UCPath on June 20, 2023, which will replace the “Preferred Name” field with a new “Name” field.

The Name field represents an employee's lived name, which may differ from their legal name. This change will allow downstream employee systems to incorporate lived names. Read more at UCPath.

As a community, we are truly creating an inclusive environment by acknowledging each individual’s authentic gender identity and lived name, and we’re pleased with the progress in UCPath.

The GRLN policy benefits many in our community: transgender and nonbinary individuals, people whose gender identities differ from those on their legal documents, international students and employees who have chosen to use different names, and married people who wish to maintain their professional names.

UC Davis is committed to implementing the full GRLN policy by June 2024 and providing the following for faculty, staff and students:

  • At least three gender options – woman, man and nonbinary – will be available in UC information systems, like UCPath.
  • Requests for using lived names within the UC system in situations not requiring legal names will be honored (e.g., all documents and UCPath self-service pages not requiring legal names).
  • The process for retroactively updating gender designations and lived names in UC-issued documents and information systems will be streamlined.

Creating an inclusive campus environment where everyone feels valued and heard is a collective responsibility. We encourage everyone to help foster a culture of respect and inclusivity by using everyone's correct gender, lived name and pronouns.

We have a new website with information that everyone can use. It has resources that can be utilized by everyone on campus. Learn more about the policy, gender identity, lived names and pronouns, and how to manage your name and data at the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

We deeply appreciate your commitment to the UC Davis community.

Tammy Kenber
Associate Vice Chancellor
Chief Human Resources Officer
UC Davis Human Resources

Renetta Garrison Tull
Vice Chancellor
UC Davis Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion