Flex Work Stories of Success

UC Davis is winning at flexible work and it's benefiting the university and staff.

Offering employees more freedom over where, how and when they work is a strategy UC Davis embraced during the pandemic, and we’re seeing the benefits daily.

Flexible Work Drives Engagement

Top Scores in 2022 Staff Experience Survey

  1. Purpose
    The work that I do at UC Davis is meaningful to me.
  2. Role
    My role is an excellent fit with my strengths.
  3. Workplace Flexibility
    I am satisfied with the flexibility (e.g., flexible schedule, hybrid/remote work) provided by my department/work unit.

Flexibility lets employees commute less, be more present for their families and generally better manage life; and staff are happier for the flexibility, as indicated by UC Davis’ third-highest-score in the Staff Experience Survey

UC Davis will keep working to make flexible work arrangements accessible to staff because we value our employees and in turn, staff regularly continue going above and beyond.

Transparent and Personalized

One of the most widely acknowledged benefits of flexible work arrangements is working with your supervisor to create an arrangement that works best for you, while ensuring business needs are met.

Opportunities for Everyone

For many it gives them an opportunity to work on-site and at home all other workdays. 

Increased Productivity

Some people report that being able to work from home actually increases the level of productivity they experience while doing their job. This may be linked to having more control over how they pace themselves, and having more time at their disposal that they would otherwise spend commuting.

Staying a Best Employer

As a best employer, UC Davis is continually looking to improve flexible work arrangements in order to enhance productivity and foster connections - between colleagues and with our vibrant campuses.

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