UC Davis Health Employee Recognition Programs

  • UC Davis Health Staff Appreciation and Recognition plan (STAR)   The purpose of the STAR Award is to recognize employees who have gone “above and beyond” in support of the campus’ core values. An employee may only receive one STAR Plan cash award in a plan year. Two levels of STAR Plan cash awards in the amount of $500 and $1,00 (minus applicable taxes). Eligibility includes policy-covered career PSS employees, including supervisors. Employees are nominated using the STAR Award Request Form linked above.  For individual requests, the form should be completed by the employee's manager/supervisor. For team award requests, input will be required from the team leader and each employee's manager/supervisor.  The employee's department head is responsible for confirming that the employee is eligible for an award and must approve the employee's award.
  • Clinical Enterprise Management Recognition Plans (CEMRP) This UC Davis Health award offers financial-recognition payments to employees whose work contributes to attaining or exceeding key objectives of the health system. The maximum payments are $1,000 for staff employees and $1,200 for supervisors. Eligibility includes non-represented career and contract employees who start to work by Dec 31 of the current year an received at least a "meets expectations" on their most recent annual performance evaluation. 
  • Additional UC Davis Health-specific Award Programs - Information and guidelines for both monetary and non-monetary recognition programs at UC Davis Health. 
  • 2021 Employee Excellence Awards These $1,000 awards are granted annually to UC Davis Health employees who have demonstrated excellence in one of the UC Davis Health strategic guiding principles: Compassion, Diversity, Leadership, Social Responsibility, and Teamwork/Collaboration. Nominations open in summer.
  • UC Davis Health BEST Rewards -  BEST Rewards is a on-line system that can be used to recognize and reward UC Davis Health employees who provide exceptional service. It combines the existing gift card program with the ability to provide non-monetary recognition in the way of online appreciation and acknowledgements to colleagues or employees.  Can include $25.00 gift card and a certificate.  All UCDH Staff is eligible. Managers, supervisors and employees can nominate employees through the online platform and must receive manager approval.
  • Retirement Gifts and CelebrationsUCDH supports retiring staff members by providing funds for a retirement gift and celebration. These utilize the BEST Rewards program listed above. Managers initiate a request for a retirement gift card though the BEST Rewards or through their own gift card account if applicable (SOM has their own). The BEST Rewards retirement gift card comes as an e-gift where the employee can redeem their award and select the brand store of their choice.