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Winter 2018: Lactation Room notes

  • Lactation Newsletter Archive
  • Fall 2017: Support at UC Davis
    Spring/Summer 2017: Returning to Work, Pump injuries
    Winter 2017: Travel While Breastfeeding
    Fall 2016 "Questions for Health Care Providers"
    Spring/Summer 2016  "Resources"
    Winter 2016 "Plastics"
    Fall 2015 "Accomplishing Breastfeeding Goals"
    Spring & Summer 2015  “Galactagogues” (a substance professing to promote lactation of increase milk production)  FAQ: “What’s the best nipple to use when choosing a bottle for my breastfed baby?
    Winter 2015 “Role of Fathers/Partners in Breastfeeding Success”
    Fall 2014 “National Work & Family Month” LINK: “Make Breast Pumps not Suck” – MIT Media Lab Hackathon, LINK: “Miracle Food, Unraveling the Mysteries of Mother’s Milk” -- UCD collaboration of researchers, Fall 2014
    Spring & Summer 2014 “Human Milk Donor Banks”
    Winter 2014 “If Breastfeeding is so natural, why can it be so difficult?”
    Fall 2013 “University of California, Office of the President, Personnel Policy for Staff Members:PPSM84 “Accommodations for Nursing Mothers” LINK: “Breastfeeding Fraught with Early Challenges for Most First-time Mothers” – UCD researchers support ‘Continuum of Care’ for mothers wanting to breastfeed
    Spring & Summer 2013  “Expression of Milk – identifying and managing low milk supply”
    Winter 2013 “Yeast Infections”
    Fall 2012 “Breastfeeding and the Holidays” FAQ: “How do I know that my breastfed baby is getting enough milk?

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HealthCare Provider Resources

  • Kaiser Permanente, Woodland HealthCare, WIC, and Communicare provide full lactation services to their healthcare subscribers. Davis Kaiser Womens' Health, call 530-757-7210 and ask for a nurse/lactation appointment.  
  • UC Davis Medical Group (2620 Covell Blvd.) provides lactation group appointments.
  • Sutter Health provide varied lactation services dependent upon plan.
  • Woodland Healthcare New Parent Support Group

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