Breastfeeding Support Program

Support for you and your family.

The Breastfeeding Support Program (BFSP) provides university affiliates and their partners with lactation consultations, support group meetings, and the use of hospital grade breastpumps located in nearly 50 lactation sites on the UC Davis campus and 17 at UC Davis Health. Visitors to UC Davis are welcome to utilize the program/sites when needed for conferences/meetings, simply register below and identify as a visitor when choosing affiliation.

University policy provides a site within a five-minute walk of every building on campus and at various sites at UC Davis Health. The BFSP is co-sponsored by the Foods for Health Institute and the Women's Resource and Research Center.


When you register, you will be provided with site locations in the form of a PDF and google maps, on the immediate Thank You response page. Please save or bookmark this page as site locations are not public for health and safety reasons. Registration takes less than five minutes and allows communication concerning the rooms and programming such as classes and support groups as well as provides data that is critical for program continuation.

Pump Kits

Pump kits can be ordered though your health care insurance provider or ordered online. Also available locally:

UC Davis:

UC Davis Health, Sacramento: