Exit Survey

UC Davis conducts exit surveys of staff who leave UC Davis or UC Davis Health

Exit Survey Questions

  • Did your manager take action to enhance your engagement while you were employed and to retain you prior to leaving?
  • How likely is it that you would recommend University of California to a friend or colleague as a great place to work?
  • Provide any comments about what brought you to your new organization.
  • Select the top five organizational/ job characteristics that, if improved, may have prevented you from leaving University of California.

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In August 2020, Human Resources implemented exit surveys of staff employees separating from employment at UC Davis and UC Davis Health. UC Davis exit surveys are administered by a third party, Gartner, so staff can provide anonymous feedback.

Academics and student employees will not be surveyed.

We want to learn more about why staff leave, their experience while here, and would they consider returning. By surveying departing staff across the Davis campus and UC Davis Health, the university will be provided valuable data at a university-wide level. 

Driving positive change
To further our workplace excellence and advance a culture that values the contributions and aspirations of all staff, information provided by staff in the exit surveys will be acted upon to improve our workplace.

Questions or Support

Please email exitsurveys@ucdavis.edu 


  • Who is administering the exit survey?
  • Gartner administers this survey, known as “Departure View”. Gartner administers the survey at other UC locations and hundreds of organizations across the country. Participants are guaranteed data security and can remain anonymous when completing the survey.

    Human Resources will invite separating employees to participate in the survey via email, with a link to the exit survey maintained by Gartner. That email will be sent from exitsurveys@ucdavis.edu.


  • Will we complete exit surveys with involuntarily separated staff?
  • No, there are no plans to do so at present because there are other channels available for involuntarily separated staff to raise concerns about their employment, such as grievance and complaint processes.

  • Who will receive an exit survey?
  • Staff employees are invited to complete an exit survey when separating from employment. Staff who provide the standard two-week notice to their supervisor, will receive an email invitation with a link to the exit survey approximately ten days before their last day of employment. Those not receiving the survey include academics and student employees.

  • How will exit survey results be made available?
  • To promote workplace excellence, information from the exit survey will be shared on a regular basis, likely on a quarterly basis, so that data-driven improvements can be implemented across the Davis campus and Health. Central HR will receive reports from Gartner, after a sufficient number of responses are received to ensure confidentiality. Central HR will share aggregate data to reveal areas of opportunity and best practices along with trends over time. In addition to schools, colleges and divisions, Human Resources plans to partner with various groups in this effort, such as the HR Advisory Committee and partners across UC Davis (e.g., Staff Assembly, SDAAC, etc.).

    If an issue is reported that requires follow-up or investigation, HR will involve the appropriate offices. 

  • Will schools/colleges/divisions get to see their data/reports?
  • Yes. The information will only be provided to schools/colleges/divisions after a minimum number of responses are received, to preserve the confidentiality of the respondents. 

    Below is a sample dashboard indicating the 
    trend for the Top 5 Characteristics That Dissatisfied Employees.

    dashboard showing what dissatisfied employees most.
  • My department already does exit surveys, can we continue?
  • Yes. The intent is to supplement existing exit interviews or surveys. It is designed to provide a more holistic set of data and institutional insights across the Davis campus and Health.