Executive Search Firms

Utilizing executive search firms and third-party recruitment vendors to fill job openings. 

Leadership Recruitment & Diversity Services leads all leadership-level recruitments for the university. We utilize a variety of sourcing and outreach methods to reach our goal of attracting, selecting and hiring a diverse and talented workforce.

In specific instances, it may be appropriate for a department to utilize an executive search firm or third-party recruitment vendor in conjunction with a Talent Acquisition Partner to fill a vacancy. Contact Leadership Recruitment & Diversity Services if you would like to learn more about utilizing these resources. All formal engagement with executive search firms and third-party recruitment vendors must be facilitated through your Talent Acquisition Partner to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, policies and university practices.

Utilizing an Executive Search Firm

The University of California has entered into agreements with a variety of executive search firms, which specialize in recruitments across all industries and professions at the university. In lieu of submitting multiple bids for a search firm, these firms have master contracts with UC. All expenses are assumed by the department utilizing the executive search firm. Executive search firms are typically only used for Leadership-level recruitments (MSP 2-4) on a case-by-case basis, and for all Senior Management Group recruitments.

Utilizing a Sourcing Vendor

Some recruitments may benefit from utilizing a third-party sourcing vendor to attract and find diverse talent for critical and hard-to-fill positions. Please work with your Talent Acquisition Partner prior to contacting a vendor.

If you have any questions, contact:

Lyndon Huling, Ed.D.
Manager, Leadership Recruitment & Diversity Services