The Benefits of Mentoring

Mentoring brings value at many levels for mentees, mentors, supervisors and the organization for which they work.

Mentees have an opportunity to gain practical knowledge and insight from a seasoned employee who has achieved a level of expertise they aspire to attain. Mentors have an opportunity to expand their repertoire of professional knowledge and skills through their instruction and facilitation of others. The organization has the opportunity to further develop and disseminate the wealth of talent, skill and knowledge of its employees.

  • Why Mentoring Works
  • > We do most of our learning from observing successful and unsuccessful models.

    > We respond well to positive reinforcement from certain people.

    >We learn from having “mastery experiences,” leaping  ahead in our learning when we master something difficult.

Benefits to the Mentee:

  • Receives guidance and support from a respected member of campus community.
  • Professional development opportunities.
  • Increased confidence.
  • Increased institutional knowledge and understanding of how the campus works, how things get done.
  • Greater awareness of other approaches to work.
  • Builds a network of colleagues and expanded knowledge of different areas of the organization.
  • Having a confidential sounding board for ideas and challenges.

Benefits to the Mentor:                                    

  • Provides fulfillment and satisfaction of helping others and contributing to the development of colleagues.
  • Extends network of campus colleagues and builds community.
  • Supports use and development of key competencies leading to growth.
  • Encourages examination of the status quo and alternative possibilities.
  • Encourages renewed ideas and perspectives on one’s leadership role.

Benefits to the Organization:

  • Facilitates the growth and development of high-potential leaders.
  • Demonstrates visible commitment to staff development and continuous learning.
  • Transfers and maintains institutional knowledge.
  • Fosters an inclusive, diverse and collaborative environment.