Cross Training Program

This program is designed to assist UC Davis Health career employees acquire skills and knowledge of our health care environment, and enhance opportunities for personal growth and advancement.

To participate in the Cross Training Program, it is essential that you make your career interest known to your supervisor prior to initiating a cross training assignment.

Steps to a Successful Cross Training Assignment:

  • Identify an opportunity. Keep in mind that cross training is a joint venture involving yourself, your Home Department, and the Cross Training Department. 
  • Review the Cross Training Guide to help plan your assignment.
  • Before beginning your assignment, complete Part A of your Cross Training Development Plan.
  • On the first day of your cross training, meet with your Cross Training Supervisor and complete the Orientation Checklist together.
  • To measure your progress against your development goals, at the mid-point of your cross training assignment ask your Cross Training Supervisor to complete Part B of your Cross Training Development Plan.
  • Upon the completion of your assignment (up to 6 months or 100 hours), ask your Cross Training Supervisor to evaluate and review your performance by completing Part C of your Cross Training Development Plan.
    • Optional: Add your Cross Training Assignment to your UC Learning Center transcript. To do this, log into the UCLC, from your dashboard select the icon “Add Self-Reported Training,” and follow the steps to add your cross training assignment.
    • Optional: Meet with Learning and Development to discuss how to leverage this experience in your career development. Email for more information.