My UC Career Portal

For all UC Employees: The "My UC Career" Portal!

UC Davis employees have identified career exploration, growth, and development opportunities as critical to their engagement and retention. A gift has arrived from UC Office of the President – a new online, self-directed career development portal, My UC Career, available to all UC employees seeking to advance their career. You will be seeing a lot of information in the coming months about My UC Career, and you have the opportunity to jump in right now and be an early adopter.

Let’s take a quick tour of the six self-paced modules in the portal:

  1. Begin Career Discovery: Use personal assessments to help identify your values, personality, skills, and talents.
  2. Job Search: Leverage the existing UC Systemwide Job Board to view all UC opportunities by job type, location, or career level. You can create multiple alerts for new postings; this is just for jobs within UC.
  3. Resume: Build a new resume or revise an existing resume using the step-by-step online resume workshop tailored to your identified career path. You can also view resume building guides and resume samples by position or type.
  4. Tell Your Story: Create a pitch statement, cover letter, and references to tell what you have to offer and how you can help an organization succeed. Use the step-by-step online workshop to build each document. You can also view sample documents.
  5. Network and Research: Optimize your social media presence and use research tools to help leverage your networks that could uncover additional career opportunities.
  6. Pre- and Post-Interview: Practice interview skills by recording video interviews using pre-recorded portal interviewers, review interview type guides, create a post-interview thank you note, and review the offer negotiation guide and decision-making tools.

You may be wondering, “Who will know if I’m using My UC Career?”  Rest assured – all the work you complete within the My UC Career portal is just for your use and is not shared or accessible to anyone else. Go on – open that gift that has arrived from UCOP, My UC Career, and start enjoying the benefits!