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Being a Mentee

Mentees are self-motivated individuals who are committed to personal and professional growth.

As a mentee, it is your responsibility to take ownership of your learning and development needs.

Specific Mentee Roles Include:

  • Driver of Relationship: A mentee identifies the skills, knowledge and/or goals that he/she wants to achieve and communicates them to his/her mentor.
  • Development Planner: A mentee works with his or her mentor to seek resources for learning by identifying people and information that might be helpful.
  • Contributor: A mentee looks for opportunities to give back to his or her mentor.
  • Life-long learner: A mentee takes full advantage of opportunities to learn.        

Characteristics of an Effective Mentee:

  • Positive outlook and attitude
  • Eager and open to learn proactively
  • Patient, responsive and respectful of mentor’s role and time
  • Comfortable receiving objective feedback
  • Works as a “team player”
  • Comfortable being stretched out of a comfort zone

Responsibilities of the Mentee:

  • Prepare a list of your career goals and objectives to share with your mentor.
  • Establish, with mentor, your explicit goals and objectives for the relationship.
  • Assist in developing the Mentoring Agreement with your mentor.
  • Commit to meeting with mentor on a regular basis. Establish how and when those meetings will take place. Tell your mentor how you prefer to get feedback.
  • Complete progress reports and regularly re-assess needs.
  • Be proactive in requesting feedback.
  • Review agreements reached in the Mentoring Agreement at regular intervals of the partnership.
  • Keep an accurate record of your development and progress.
  • Read and listen to your mentor’s comments carefully and be open to different perspectives.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the relationship.