Career Resource Library

Staff Development & Professional Services offers a library of books and videos (available for check-out) on career interests and skills assessment, job search information, resume preparation, interviewing skills and alternative career options.

The library also contains management information on organizational change, effective leadership skills, managing organizational stressors and strategic planning.

Books can be checked out for three weeks from the SD&PS office in the Heitman Staff Learning Center.

For more information contact us at 530-752-1766 or email

  • Business Administration
  • Accounting Cycle, The (Jacquet, Jay L. & Miller, William C., Jr)
    If Aristotle ran General Motors (2 CC) (Morris, Tom)
    Art of Communicating, The: Achieving Interpersonal Impact in Business (Decker, Bert)
    Basics of Budgeting, The (Dickey, Terry)
    Connections: New Ways of Working in the Networked Organization (Sproull, Lee & Sara Kiesler)
    Consultative Approach, The (LaGrossa, Virginia; Saxe, Suzanne)
    Effective Business Communication (Amer Heritage Dict Publ)
    End of Work, The (Rifkin, Jeremy)
    Ernst & Young Business Plan Guide (Siegel, Eric S.;Ford, Brian R.;Borstein, Jay M)
    Financial Analysis (Gill, James O.)
    Innovations: Key to Business Success (Sorensen, David P.)
    Leveraging the New Infrastructure (Weill, Peter and Broadbent, Marianne )
    New Pioneers, The (Petzinger, Thomas Jr.)
    Pursuit of Wow!, The (Peters, Tom)
    Strategic Planning Workbook (Krallinger, Joseph C. Hellebust, Karsten G.)
    Thought Leaders (Insights on the Future Of Business) (Kurtzman, Joel (ED))
    True Success: A New Philosophy of Excellence (Morris, Tom)
    Understanding Financial Statements (Gill, James O.)
    Visual Aids in Business (Raines, Claire)
    We are All Self-Employed (Hakim, Cliff)
    What Will Be. (How the New World of Information will Change our Lives) (Dertouzos, Michael)
    Working Effectively with Faculty (Christy, Susan)
  • Career Management
  • Admission Matters (Springer, Sally & Marion Franck)
    Alternative Careers in Science (Robbins-Roth, Cynthia (ED))
    Artist's Way at Work , The (Riding the Dragon) (Bryan, Mark; w/Cameron, J. and Allen, C.)
    Boom or Bust! New Career Strategies in a New America (MacKay, Carleen & Brad Taft)
    Boost Your Interview I.Q. (Martin, Carole)
    California Opportunities in Logistics (2007) (EDD)
    Career Compass (Simonsen, Peggy)
    Career Development Systems: Questions Worth Asking and Answers Worth Questioning (Merman, Stephen K.; Lewibowitz, Z.B., Co-Ed.)
    Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People (Eikleberry, Carol)
    Career Management & Work-Life Integration (Harrington, Brad and Douglas T. Hall)
    Career Prescription, The (Searing, Jill A.; Lovett, Anne B.)
    Career Renewal (Rosen, Stephen; Paul, Celia)
    Careers in the Environment (Fasulo, Michael; Walker, Paul)
    Changing Careers for Dummies (McClelland, Carol L)
    Complete Job Search Handbook (Figler, Howard)
    Cool Careers for Dummies (Nemko, Marty and Paul & Sarah Edwards)
    Creating You & Co. (Learn to Think like the CEO of your own Career) (Bridges, William)
    Do What You Are (2nd ed) & (3rd ed) (Tieger, Paul . & Barron-Tiege, B..)
    Do What You Are (4th ed) (Tieger, Paul. & Barron-Tiege, B..)
    Don't Stop the Career Clock (Harkness, Helen)
    From Work to Retirement (Haynes, Marion E.)
    Getting Unstuck (Timothy Butler)
    Guide to Careers in World Affairs, 3rd ed. (Editors of Foreign Policy Assn )
    Healing Journey, The (Rich, Sampson, Fetherling)
    Health Car Careers (EDD)
    How to Find a Better Job Faster (Jordan, Claudia)
    How to Get a Raise (Rogers, Marc)
    Job Search Secrets (Jordan, Claudia)
    Job Sharing Handbook (1 cc) (Olmsted, Barney & Smith)
    Job Shift (Bridges, William)
    Jump Start your Career in BioScience (Louise, Chandra B.)
    LifeLaunch (Hudson, F., and McLean, P.)
    MBTI Step II Manual: Exploriung the Next Level of Type with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Form Q (Quenk, Naomi L, Hammer, Allen L, & Majors, Mark S.)
    Me, Myself, and I, Inc. (Porter, S., Porter, K. & Bennett, C.)
    More Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions (DeLuca, Matthew J. & DeLuca, Nanette F.)
    Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1000 a Minute (Chapman, Jack)
    New Complete Guide to Environmental Careers, The (Environmental Careers Organization (Sharp, Bill))
    No More Blue Mondays (Sheerer, Robin A)
    Occupational Outlook 1997-98 (ref only) (CCOIS)
    Passionate People Produce (Kovess, Charles)
    Plateauing Trap, The (Bardwick, Judith M.)
    Reinventing Yourself: Life Planning after 50 (Davis, S., Handschin, B.)
    Return of the Boomers: A Leader's Guide (MacKay, Carleen, Phil Newbold and Brad Taft)
    Rules for Revolutionaries (Kawasaki, Guy)
    Second Careers: New Ways to Work after 50 (Bird, Caroline)
    Successful Job Search Strategies for the Disabled (Allen, Jeffrey G.)
    To Boldly Go (A Practical Career Guide (Fiske, Peter S.)
    Up is not the Only Way (Kaye, Beverly)
    What Color is Your Parachute? 2010 Ed. (Bolles, Richard N.)
    What Color is Your Parachute? For Retirement (Bolles, Richard & John Nelson)
    Where Do I go from Here with my Life? (Crystal, John C. & Bolles, Richard N.)
    Work with Passion (How to Do What You Love for a Living) (Anderson, Nancy)
  • Health Awareness
  • Too Busy to Exercise (Shimer, Porter)
    Beat Stress with Strength (Spera, S. & Lanto, S.)
    Crossroads to Cure (Henriques, Nicola)
    Diabetes Mellitus--2001 (Margolis, Simeon; Saudek, Christopher)
    Diabetes--2002 (Margolis, Simeon; Saudek, Christopher)
    Exercise: A Guide from the National Institute On Aging (NIA)
    Healthwise Handbook ()
    Hypertension and Stroke (Margolis, Appel & Wityk)
    Mayo Clinic on High Blood Pressure (Mayo Clinic)
    Mayo Clinic Guide on Prostate Health (Mayo Clinic)
    Mayo Clinic Guide to Self-Care (Mayo Clinic)
    Mayo Clinic on Arthritis (Mayo Clinic)
    Mayo Clinic on Chronic Pain (Mayo Clinic)
    Memory (Margolis, Simeon; Rabins, Peter)
    Positive Mental Attitude in the Workplace (Thomas, Marian)
    Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook (Davis, M., Eshelman, E.R., McKay, M. )
    Sacramento Family Resource Guide (UCDavis Medical Group)
    Self-Esteem: The Power to be your Best (Towers, Marc)
    Stretching at your Computer or Desk (Anderson, Bob)
    Truth About Burnout, The (Maslach, Christina & Leiter, Michael P.)
    Vision--2001 (Margolis, Simeon; Sachachat, Andrew)
    Vision--2002 (Margolis, Schachat & Quigley)
    Wellness Encyclopedia, The (Ed., UCB Wellness Ltr)
    Wellness Lowfat Cookbook, The (Ed. Of Wellness Cooking School, UCB)
  • Human Resources
  • 360º Feedback: The Powerful New Model for Employee Assessment & Performance Improvement (Edwards, Mark R. & Ewen, Ann J.)
    Art and Skill of Delegation, The (Steinmetz, Lawrence L.)
    Art of Possibility, The (Zander, R. Stone & Benjamin)
    C and the Box (Prince, Frank A.)
    Creative Decision Making (Gelatt, H.B.)
    Delegating for Results (50 min. book) (Maddux, Robert B.)
    Effective Performance Appraisals (Maddux, Robert B.)
    Emotional Intelligence (Goleman, Daniel)
    Gifts Differing (MBTI) (Briggs Myers, Isabel (w/Peter B. Myers))
    Human Relations Training: Handbook of Structured Experiences (Pfeiffer, J. Wm, Ed.)
    Human Resource Development: A Strategic Approach (Rothwell, William J. Kazanas, H.C. & H.C. Kazanas)
    Human Resource Management (De Cenzo, D.A./Robbins, S.P.)
    Intercultural Interviewing: The Key to Effective Hiring (Turkewych, Christine and Helena Guerreiro-Klinowski)
    International Human Resource Management (Dowling, Peter, Welch, Denice, Schuler, Randall)
    It's Only too late If You Don't Start Now (Sher, Barbara)
    Making Humor Work (Paulson, Terry L.)
    Managing Human Resources (Bohlander, Snell, Sherman)
    Managing Performance; A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Supervision (Haynes, Marion E.)
    Mentoring (Shea, Gordon F)
    Navigating Midlife (Corlett, E. & Millner, N.)
    New Vision for Human Resources, A (50 min. book) (Fitz-enz, Jac & Jack J. Phillips)
    Overworked American, The (Schor, Juliet B.)
    Parting Company (Morin, William J.& Cabrera, James C.)
    Planning Programs for Adult Learners (Caffarella, Rosemary S. )
    Please Understand Me (Keirsey, David; Bates, Marilyn)
    Power Mentoring (Ensher, Ellen & Susan Murphy)
    Power of Purpose, The (Leider, Richard J.)
    Preventing Job Burnout (Potter, Beverly)
    Shared Values for the Troubled World (Kidder, Rushworth M.)
    Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, The (Fadiman, Anne)
    Stirring of Soul in the Workplace, The (Briskin, Alan)
    Strategic Business Partner (Robinson, Dana & James)
    Strategic Planning (Alvino, Kathleen)
    Surviving the Survivor Syndrome (Bridges, William)
    Talking from 9 to 5: Women and Men in the Workplace: Language, Sex & Power (Tannen, Deborah)
    Thriving on Stress (Cranwell-Ward, Jane)
    Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes (Bridges, William)
    Turning to One Another (Wheatley, Margaret J.)
    Whack on the Side of Your Head, A (Von Oech, Roger)
    Woman Should Take Shared Values for a Troubled World (Kidder, Bushworth M.)
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Added Value Negotiating (Albrecht, Karl & Albrecht, Steve)
    American Theocracy (Phillips, Kevin)
    Are You Listening (Nichols, Ralph G. & Stevens, Leonard A.)
    Art of Communicating, The (50 min. book) (Decker, Bert)
    Beside Ourselves: Our Hidden Personality in Everyday Life (Quenk, Naomi L)
    Business of Listening, The 3rd ed. (50 min. book) (Bonet, Diana)
    Calming Upset Customers (50 min. book) (Morgan, Rebecca L)
    Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High (Patterson, Kerry, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler)
    Cultural Literacy; What Every American Needs to Know (Hirsch, E.D., Jr.)
    Death of Common Sense, The (Howard, Philip K.)
    Developing Positive Assertiveness (Lloyd, Sam R.)
    Difficult Conversations (Stone, Douglas, Bruce Patton & Sheila Heen)
    Difficult People (Cava, Roberta)
    Don't Sweat the Small Stuff at Work (Carlson, Richard)
    Fifty (50) One-Minute Tips to Better Communication (Bozek, Phillip E.)
    Gandhi's Way: A Handbook of Conflict Resolution (Mark Juergensmeyer)
    Getting Past No (Ury, William)
    Geography of Bliss (Weiner, Eric)
    Getting to Yes (Fisher, Roger & Ury, William)
    Giving and Receiving Feedback (50 min. book) (Hathaway, Patti)
    Guide to Negotiation and Mediation (Goodpaster, Gary)
    How to Obtain Cooperation and Agreement from Others (Truell, George F.)
    Kite Runner, the (Hosseini, Khaled)
    Managing Anger (50 min. book) (Luhn, Rebecca)
    Mastering the Power of Persuasion (Quick, Thomas L.)
    Power of a Positive No (Ury, William)
    Promise of Mediation, The (Bush, Robert A. & Folger, Joseph P.)
    Smart Negotiating: How to Make Good Deals in the Real World (Freund, James C.)
    That's Not What I Meant! (Tannen, Deborah)
    Thinking on Your Feet (50 min. book) (Caroselli, Marlene )
    Third Side, The (Ury, William)
    Winning at Human Relations (50 min. book) (Chapman, Elwood and Barb Wingfield)
    Writing Effective E-Mail (50 min. book) (Flynn, Nancy & Tom)
    You Just Don't Understand (Tannen, Deborah)
  • Leadership
  • Achieving a Leadership Role for Training (Hale, Judith A.)
    Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching (Morgan, Howard, Phil Harkins & Marshall Goldsmith)
    Art of Framing, The (Fairhurst, Gail T.; Sarr, Robert A.)
    Business of Changing the World (Benioff, Marc)
    Coaching and Counseling 3rd ed (50 min. book) (Minor, Marianne)
    Coaching Organization: A Strategy for Developing Leaders, The (Hunt, James M & Joseph Weintraub)
    Co-Leaders: The Power of Great Partnerships (Heenan, D.A. & W. Bennis)
    Connective Edge: Leading in an Interdependent World (Lipman-Blumen, Jean)
    Credibility (Kouzes, James M. & Posner, Barry Z.)
    Encouraging the Heart (Kouzes, James M.)
    Five Secrets of Speaking, The Language of Leadership, The (Humes, James C.)
    Getting Things Done When You Are Not in Charge (Bellman, Geoffrey M.)
    Inspiring Leader, The (Zsenger, John, Folkman & Edinger)
    Lead (Lynch, Richard)
    Leader of the Future, The (Drucker)
    Leaders Handbook, The (Scholtes, Peter R)
    Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge (2 cc) (Bennis, Warren & Nanus, Burt)
    Leadership (Burns, James MacG.)
    Leadership Challenge, 4th Ed (Kouzes, James & Posner, Barry)
    Leadership Engine, The (Tichy, Noel M)
    Leadership for the Common Good (Bryson, John M. & Crosby, Barbara C.)
    Leadership Pipeline: How to Build the Leadership-Powered Company (Charan, Ram,Stephen Drotter & James Noel)
    Leadership: The Inner Side of Greatness (Koestenbaum, Peter)
    Leading at the Edge of Chaos (Conner, Daryl R.)
    Leading in a Culture of Change (Fullan, Michael)
    Leading in a Culture of Change Personal Action Guide and Workbook (Fullan, Michael)
    Leading without Power (De Pree, Max)
    Managing in a Time of Great Change (Drucker, Peter F.)
    Monday Morning Leadership (Cottrell, David)
    New Paradigm in Business, The (Ray, Michael & Finzler, Alan, Ed)
    On Becoming a Servant Leader (The Private Writings of) (Frick, Don M. & Spears, L.C.)
    Organizational Culture and Leadership (Schein, Edgar)
    Stewardship (Block, Peter)
    Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership (Jaworski, Joseph)
    Thinking in the Future Tense (James, Jennifer)
    Understanding Leadership Competencies (Guggenheimer, Patricia & Szulc, Mary Diana)
    Visionary Leadership (Nanus, Burt)
    Working Leader, The (Sayles, Leonard R.)
  • Management
  • Accountability Revolution, The (Samuel, Mark)
    Accounting & Budgeting in Public & Nonprofit Organization: A Manager's Guide (Garner, C. William)
    Analyzing Performance Problems (Mager, Robert F.)
    Appreciative Management and Leadership (Srivastva, Suresh;)
    Assessing Performance in an Age of Accountability: Case Studies (Gaither, Gerald H., Ed.)
    Balanced Scorecard, the (Kaplan, Robert & David P Norton)
    Behavior-Based Interviewing (Fitzwater, Terry L)
    Benchmarking Book, The (Spendolini, Michael J)
    Benchmarking for Best Practices in the Public Sector (Keehley, P.; Medlin, S.; MacBride, S., Longmire, L.)
    Best Practices in Information Technology (Cortada, James W.)
    Beyond Ambition (Kaplan,Robert E.)
    Beyond Race and Gender (Thomas, Jr., R. Roosevelt)
    Beyond the Myths & Magic of Mentoring: (Murray, Margo; w/ Owen, Marna A)
    Book of Professional Standards for Higher Education 2003 (Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education)
    Building Trust (50 min. book) (Galbreath Shurtleff, Mary)
    Caught in the Middle (McDermott, Lynda C.)
    Change Masters, The (Kanter, Rosabeth M.)
    Creating a Flexible Workplace, 2nd ed (Olmsted, Barney; Smith, Suzanne)
    Crisis in Organizations (Barton, Laurence)
    Developing Managers (London, Manuel)
    Directory for Building Competencies, The (Kravetz, Dennis J.)
    Don't Jump to Solutions (Rouse, William B)
    Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done (Bossidy, Larry and Ram Charan)
    First Time Manager (Iaconetti, Joan & O'Hara, Patrick)
    First Time Manager, The (Belker, Loren B.)
    Frontiers of Management (Kanter, Rosabeth Moss)
    Generations at Work (Zemke, Ron, Claire Raines, Bob Filipczak)
    Getting Things Done Without Getting Done in (Moberg, Dennis J.; Caldwell, David F.)
    Go Put Your Strengths to Work (Buckingham, Marcus )
    Goal, The 2nd ED (Goldratt, Eliyaher M.)
    Grievance Guide (BNA Ed. Staff)
    Handbook of Public Administration (Perry, James L.)
    Handling the Difficult Employee (50 min. book) (Brounstein, Marty)
    High Output Management (Grove, Andrew S.)
    High-Impact Consulting (Schaffer, Robert H.)
    How's All the Work Going to Get Done? (Blohowiak, Don)
    Human Capital (Davenport, Thomas O.)
    ID Project Management: Tools and Techniques for Instructional Designers And Developers (Greer, Michael)
    Information Ecology (Davenport, Thomas H.)
    Innovative Reward Systems for the Changing Workplace (Wilson, Thomas A.)
    Introduction to Risk Management 1st Edition (Hope, Warren T.)
    Learning as a Way of Being (Vaill, Peter B.)
    Learning Organizations: Developing Cultures for Tomorrow's Workplace (Chawla, Sarita & Renesch, John)
    Making the Most of Being Mentored (Shea, Gordon F)
    Managerial Mirror, The (Parry, Scott B.)
    Managing at the Speed of Change (Conner, Daryl R.)
    Managing by Values (Blanchard, Ken & Michael O'Connor)
    Managing Change in Higher Education (Hughes, K. Scott; Marwick, Peat)
    Managing Older Employees (Shea, Gordon)
    Managing to Have Fun (Weinstein, Matt)
    Managing Transitions (Bridges, William)
    Managing Workforce 2000 (Jamieson, David & O'Mara, Julie)
    Measure Up! (Lynch, Richard L.; K.F. Cross)
    Mentoring: How to Develop Successful Mentor Behaviors (Shea, Gordon F)
    Middle Management Challenge, The (Frohman, Alan L. & Johnson, Leonard W.)
    Motivation in the Real World (Gellerman, Saul W.)
    New Deal at Work, The (Cappelli, Peter)
    Now, Discover Your Strengths (Buckingham, Marcus & Clifton, Donald)
    One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey (Blanchard, Kenneth, Wm Oncken, Jr & Hal Burrows)
    One Minute Manager, The (Blanchard, Kenneth & Johnson, Spencer)
    Paving the Way for the 21st C (Ginsburg, S, G., Editor)
    Performance Management in the 21st Century (Jones, Norman)
    Peter Drucker (The World according to) (Beatty, Jack)
    Productive Workplaces (Weisbord, Marvin)
    Prophet of Management (Parker Follett, Mary)
    Public Management Strategies (Bozeman, Barry & Straussman, J.D.)
    Punished by Rewards (Kohn, Alfie)
    Putting the One Minute Manager to Work (Blanchard, Kenneth & Robert Lorber)
    Real Heroes of Business, The (Fromme, Bill & Schlesinger, Bill)
    Reshaping Work (Smith, Chris; Child, John & Rowlinson, Michael)
    Reward & Recognition Process, The (Knouse, Stephen B.)
    Service Management Effectiveness (Bowen, David E.;Chase, Richrd B. & Cummings, T.G.)
    Strategy of Change, A (Wilson, David C.)
    Strategy-Focused Organization (Kaplan, Robert & David Norton)
    Surviving Corporate Transition (Bridges, William)
    Tale of "O", A (Kanter, Rosabeth M. & Stein, Barry A.)
    Total Quality Management in Government (Cohen, Steven & Brand, Ronald)
    Total Quality Management on Campus: Is it Worth Doing? (Seymour, Daniel)
    Virtual HR: Human Resources Management in the Information Age (Jones, John W.)
    When Sparks Fly; Igniting Creativity In Groups (Leonard, Dorthy; Swap, Walter)
    Witnesses in Arbitration (Levin, Edward Grody, Donald)
    Women & Men in Management (Powell, Gary N.)
    Working Knowledge (Davenport, Thomas H. & Prusak, Laurence)
    1001 Ways to Reward Employees (Nelson, Bob)
  • Meetings
  • Comprenhensive Guide to Successful Conferences & Meetings Connections: New Way of Working in Networked Organizations (Nadler, Leonard; Nadler, Zeace; Sproull, Lee & Kiesler, Sara)
    Effective Presentation Skills: A Practical Guide for Better Speaking (Mandel, Steve)
    How to Make Meetings Work (Doyle, Michael & Straus, David)
    Rules for Reaching Consensus (Saint, Steven;Lawson, James R.)
    Successful Public Meetings (Cogan, Elaine)
  • Organizational Development
  • 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back, The (Waldroop, James & Timothy Butler)
    7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Covey, Stephen R.)
    A Simpler Way (Wheatley, M.J. and Kellner- Rogers, M.)
    Academic Entrepreneur, The (Perlman, Baron, Gueths, James & Weber, Donald A.)
    Age of Unreason (Handy, Charles)
    Applied Strategic Planning (Goodstein, Nolan, Pfeiffer)
    Approaches to Planned Change (Golembiewski, Robert T.)
    Becoming a Learning Organization (Swieringa, Joop & Wierdsma, Andre)
    Boundaryless Organization, The (Ashkenas, R.; Ulrich, D.; Jick, T.; Kerr, S.)
    Change-ABLE Organization (Daniels, Wm & John Mathers)
    Circle of Innovation (Peters, Tom)
    Creative Brain, The (Herrmann, Ned)
    Critical Thinking (Feldman, Daniel A)
    Danger in the Comfort Zone (Bardwick, Judith M.)
    Delivering Quality Service (Zeithaml, V.; Parasuraman, A. & Berry, Leonard)
    Delivering Quality Service (Zeithnami, V. & Parasuraman, A. & Berry, Leonard L.)
    Designing Conflict Management Systems (Costantino, Cathy A.; Merchant, Christina Sickles)
    Directory of Special Programs: Minority Group Members, 5th ed. (Johnson, Willis L. Editor)
    Envisioning Information (Tufte, Edward R.)
    Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, The (Senge, Peter; Ross, R. Smith, Bryan; Roberts, C. & Kleiner,A.)
    Fifth Discipline, The: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization (copy 2) (Senge, Peter M.)
    First Things First (Time Mgmt) (Covey, Stephen; Merrill, A. Roger & Merrill, Rebecca)
    Flawless Consulting Fieldbook & Companion (Block, Peter)
    Flawless Consulting: A Guide Your Expertise Used (Block, Peter)
    Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity (Allen, Davis)
    Handbook of Coaching, The (Hudson, Frederic M.)
    Harvard Business Review on Knowledge Management (Various/Harvard Business School Press)
    How Organizations Learn (DiBella, Anthony J.;Nevis, Edwin C.)
    Human Systems Development (Tannebaum, Robert;Margulies, Newton;Massarik, Fred)
    Implementing David Allen's Workflow Processing Using Microsoft Outlook (Allen, David)
    Intellectual Capital (Stewart, Thomas A.)
    Keeping Score (Brown, Mark Graham)
    Logic of Organizations, The (Abrahamsson, Bengt)
    Managing Beyond the Quick Fix (Kilmann, Ralph H.)
    Medici Effect, The (Johansson, Frans)
    New Rules, The (Kotter, John P.)
    Organization Development (A 50 min Book) (Ralphs, Lenny T.)
    Organization of the Future, The Drucker Foundation (Hesselbein)
    Organizational Architecture (Nadler, David A, Marc S Gerstein, Robert B. Shaw & Associates)
    Organizational Change Source Book I: Cases in Organization Development (Lubin, Lubin & Goodstein, Ed.)
    Organizational Change Sourcebook II: Cases in Conflict Management (Lubin, Lubin & Goodstein, Ed.)
    Organizational Climate and Culture (Schneider, Benjamin)
    Organizing from the Inside Out (Morgenstern, Julie)
    Organizing Your Work Space (Pollar, Odette)
    Personal Time Management (50 min. book) (Haynes, Marion E.)
    Process Management Memory Jogger (Boehringer, Robert)
    Project Management 10 Minute Guide (Davidson, Jeff)
    Promoting Emotional Intelligence in Organizations (Cherniss, Cary & Mitchel Adler)
    Pursuing Excellence in Higher Education (Ruben, Brent)
    Reengineering Corporation, The (Hammer, Michael & Champy, James)
    Rethinking the Fifth Discipline (Flood, Robert Louis)
    Service America (Albrecht, Karl & Zemke, Ron)
    Service Quality Handbook (Scheuing, E. & Christopher, W.)
    Simpler Way, A (Wheatley, Margaret & Myron Kellner-Rogers)
    Spirited Leading and Learning (Vaill, Peter B.)
    Strategy Pure & Simple (Robert, Michel)
    Surviving Information Overload (Pollar, Odette)
    Ten Steps to a Learning Organization (Kline, Peter & Suanders, Bernard)
    The 21st Century Organization (Bennis, Warren; Mische, Michael)
    Thinkers Toolkit, The (Jones, Morgan)
    Time Management from the Inside Out (Morgenstern, Julie)
    Visual Display of Quantitative Information (Tufte, Edward R.)
    Who Moved My Cheese? (Johnson, Spencer)
    Whole Brain Business Book, The (Herrmann, Ned)
    Working with Emotional Intelligence (Goleman, Daniel)
    Working Wounded (Rosner, Bob)
  • Resumes
  • 1500 + Key Words for $100,000 + Jobs (Enelow, Wendy S.)
    Best Resumes for Scientists and Engineers, Second Edition (Lewis, Adele & Moore, David J.)
    Best Resumes for Scientists and Engineers, The (Lewis, Adele)
    Better Resumes for Executives & Professionals (Wilson, Robert & Lewis, Adele)
    Cover Letter Magic (Enelow, Wendy S. & Kursmark, Louise)
    Damn Good Resume Guide (1996 Ed) (Parker, Yana)
    Damn Good Resume Guide, The (1989) (Parker, Yana)
    Overnight Resume, The (Asher, Donald)
    Resume Catalog: 200 Damn Good Examples (Parker, Yana)
    Resume Winners from the Pros (Enelow, Wendy)
    Throw Away Your Resume (Hochheiser, Robert)
  • Team Development
  • Business without Bosses (Manz, Chas C.; Sims, Henry P.)
    Creative Collaboration (50 min. book) (Honig, Bruce and Alain Rostain)
    Cross Functional Teams (Parker, Glenn M.)
    Empowered Teams (Wellins, Richard S., Byhan, William C. & Wilson, Jeanne M.)
    FISH: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results (Lundin, Stephen C, Harry Paul & John Christensen)
    Five Dysfunctions of a Team, The (Lencioni, Patrick)
    Groups that Work (and Those that Don't) (Hackman, Richard)
    How to Lead Work Teams, Facilitation Skills (Rees, Fran)
    One Minute Manager: Builds High Performing Teams (Blanchard, Kenneth & Donald Carew & Eunice Parisi-Carew)
    Primer of Self-Directed Work Teams, A (Torres, Cresencio;Spiegel, Jerry)
    Skill-Building for Self-Directed Team Members (Harper, Ann & Harper,Bob)
    Skilled Facilitator (Schwarz, Roger)
    Strengthening Departmental Leadership (Lucas, Ann)
    Succeeding as a Self Directed Work Team (Harper, Bob & Ann)
    Team Building: An Exercise in Leadership (Maddux, Robert B.)
    Team: Explorations in Group Process (Kormanski, Chuck)
    Wisdom of Teams, The (Katzenbach, Jon R. Smith, Douglas K.)
  • Training and Development
  • 101 Ways to Make Training Active (Silberman, Mel)
    Accelerated Learning (Maples, Tim)
    Active Training (Silberman, Mel)
    Adobe Captivate 3: Script Writing and Production Guide (Siegel, Keven)
    Adobe Captivate 3: The Definitive Guide (Huettner, Brenda)
    An Overview of On-Line Learning (Carliner, Saul)
    Applying Successful Training Techniques (Wilson, Joe B.)
    Approaches to Training and Development (Rev. 2nd ed) 3cc. (Laird, Dugan)
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