Policy & Procedure Manual (PPM)

The Policy & Procedure Manual (PPM) is the official source for UC Davis policies and implementing procedures.

The PPM applies to the administrative business of the University

  • Applies to all UC Davis employees and locations, including UC Davis Health.
  • Supplements systemwide policies. PPM may be more restrictive than the systemwide policies; however, it cannot be more permissive.
  • Revision to the PPM go through a significant review process prior to being implemented.

Access the Policy and Procedure Manual
Note: this link will take you to an external website where the official policies are now maintained.

Administrative Policy Website

Refer to the official Administrative Policy website for all UC Davis administrative policies and delegations of authority, Policy Management System Training, additional information, resources, and contact information for the Office of Compliance and Policy.

Interim Policies

On rare occasions, policies may be established or updated on an interim basis until they are able to complete the official policy development and review process. Interim policies may be in place for no more than one year.

  • Interim policies are issued to make a temporary modification to a policy until updates and approval can be completed.
  • Temporary modifications generally take place when there is a compliance or procedural issue that needs to take effect immediately.
  • After an interim policy is implemented, the policy must be updated as soon as possible, but no longer than one year after the issuance of the interim policy.

Access Interim Policies

Policies Maintained by Other Units

Units across the Davis Campus and UC Davis Health also develop their own policies for specific populations or as required by external accreditation or licensing agencies. Unit-specific policies on administrative subjects need to comply with the PPM; likewise, unit-specific policies on personnel matters need to comply with the PPSM and UCD local personnel procedures, as well as labor agreements if applicable to represented staff.