How to Initiate a Layoff or Reduction in Time

Consult your Employee Relations Consultant before considering possible layoff or reduction in time.

The overall steps in the ensuing process are outlined here:

  1. Determine the rationale for the action. Reasons for such action are lack of funds, lack of work, or reorganization.
    • Review all sources of income, current and/or proposed work requirements, and reasons for reorganization
  2. Determine the needs of the new organization.
    • Review the necessity of all current student positions and limited-time appointments within the affected organization (layoff unit).
    • Outline the type and number of positions needed in the new organization.
  3. Compare the proposed new organization to the existing organization.
    • Determine which positions and classifications will be affected by the proposed layoff or reduction in time.
    • Focus on positions, not individuals
  4. Review the pertinent layoff article.
    • Review PPSM 60 and/or the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.
    • Contact your Employee Relations Consultant for questions regarding rights of affected employee.
    • Properly document all decisions.
  5. Prepare the layoff proposal.
    • Complete Layoff/Reduction in Time proposal in the layoff database on the HR website, and have it signed electronically by your Department Head.
    • If you propose an employee for layoff who has seniority over other employees, you must also provide:
      • The names of all less senior employees in the same payroll title
      • Justification of the reasons for retaining a less senior employee
      • Position Descriptions for employee proposed for layoff as well as for each employee who is less senior
    • Keep and file all paperwork associated with your decision-making process.
  6. Wait for Employee Relations to process the layoff proposal.
    • Employee Relations (ER) reviews your proposal(s) for accuracy and compliance with policy and collective bargaining agreements.
    • ER provides the final review.
    • ER notifies your department by email informing you that the layoff is approved and provides information on accessing the layoff notice and severance election form for you to present to the employee(s) and union, along with Layoff Packet Information.
  7. Notify affected employee(s) and union, if applicable.
    • Meet privately with each employee when issuing a layoff notice.
    • Allow sufficient time for the employee to ask questions.
  8. Provide support.
  9. Communicate the situation to the rest of your department.
    • Determine if a meeting or written communication is most appropriate.
    • Provide time and/or opportunity for questions and responses.
    • Contact your Employee Relations Consultant for guidance.