ASAP Training, Workshops and Drop-In Support | UC Davis Health

Stress is pervasive as we cope with so many concerns and so much trauma

Join us to get support, social connection, and tips for coping.

  • We are open to all UC Davis Health and Davis campus employees
  • For any questions, concerns or feedback, please call UC Davis Health ASAP at (916) 734-2727

Sessions you can join
  1. Parenting Group
  2. Cultivating Hope and Optimism
  3. Coping with Grief, Loss and Change

Registration Instructions
Request participation by clicking the registration request link in the section of the support group of your choice.  You will receive an email confirmation with the private meeting ID and the pass-code needed to participate. This information should be requested on an individual basis for security reasons.  Please contact the ASAP office with any questions or concerns. 

Parenting Group: "Like It, Love It or Gotta Have it"

ASAP is offering a virtual forum/workshop for sharing parenting related stressors and emotional ups and downs, and to identify ways to manage the unique situations and emotions as a parent.

Cultivating hope & optimism

This discussion/support group will provide an opportunity for participants to talk about how their outlook has changed over the past couple of years and share strategies for thinking more positively about the future.


Coping with grief, loss and change

This discussion/support group provides space for participants to share experiences of grief and loss, review strategies for coping and self-care, and find community.