Administrative Officers at UC Davis Health

Administrative Officers help their departments to leverage the power of Human Resources.

About Administrative Officers (HR Liaisons) and Role

The Administrative Officer serves as the primary liaison for the assigned departments and/or divisions for UC Davis Health to Central Human Resources Departments.  Administrative Officers play an integral role in facilitating and providing guidance to the department's supervisors, managers, and all leadership on a wide array of complex and multi-dimensional talent management and staffing matters.  Administrative Officers assist supervisors and managers in their work with Central Human Resources to achieve desired outcomes.

If you require additional assistance or advice please contact the  Administrative Officer assigned to your department/unit. Refer to the Administrative Officer page to identify the Administrative Officer assigned to your department.

If no Administrative Officer is assigned to the department, you may also contact UC Davis Health HR reception at (916)734-2362 and they will assist in guiding you to the appropriate department. You can also find more HR department information at

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