Breakout Sessions

We're proud to offer HR employees the opportunity to share their insights, skills and experiences at the breakout sessions below.  

Morning Breakout Sessions

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Morning Breakout Sessions

Practical strategies to promote emotional intelligence

Carol Kirshnit | ASAP at UC Davis Health

Presentation Slides (.pdf)

Emotional Intelligence has been linked to job performance, particularly in positions of leadership. This breakout session will provide a brief overview of the four major components of emotional intelligence and focus on specific experiential exercises to develop and increase our skill set in this area. Participants will have the opportunity to assess themselves on each of the four dimensions of emotional intelligence: emotional self-awareness, self management, social awareness, and social skills. The session will focus on strategies to increase our capacity in each of the four areas.

Gender Identity in the Workplace

Alissa Magorian | Enrollment Management
Additional Presenters: Monae Roberts | Director of LGBTQIA+ Resource Center

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This workshop will cover the complexities of gender identity in the workplace. The session will begin with defining gender, sex, and gender identity. Second, we will provide overview of changing legislation supporting trans and gender non-conforming employees, how UC Path will incorporate lived names, preferred pronouns and non-binary gender marker fields, and what the campus is doing to support best practices. Finally, participants will break out into small groups to review case study and discuss how to create an inclusive workplace.

Worklife on the Road

Sandy Batchelor | HR Talent Management, WorkLife

Presentation Slides (.pdf)

Worklife will present strategies designed to encourage an environment of support and knowledge enabling employees to bring their best selves to work each day. Evidence tells us that this support translates to greater employee productivity, satisfaction, engagement and retention. In the 2014 Deloitte Millennial Survey, good work/life balance is listed as the number one issue of importance in a career after salary. "WorkLife on the Road" explores the myth of "work-life balance," and offers an integrated perspective and pragmatic approach to addressing the oft-competing responsibilities of work and life. The presentation offers organizational, managerial, and personal strategies to address challenges and embrace a holistic approach to address individual well-being setting the foundation for success. Participants will gain a perspective shift necessary for addressing work-life "imbalance," and finding meaning in, and motivation around, their work. They will identify "just one thing" that they can incorporate into each day improve their well-being. A bonus is that this presentation is also available for participants to bring to their staff and departments.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Managing Behaviors of Concern and Threat Assessment

Rob Starkey | ASAP
Additional Presenters: Sgt. Paul Henoch | UCDPD

Presentation Slides (.pdf)

As HR professionals, you have a window into the working lives of all of our employees. Sometimes those employees are struggling with mental health issues, substance abuse and other behavioral problems which can cause great distress to their colleagues. In addition, some of those employees have the potential for violence. Learn what behaviors to watch for, when and how to intervene and when to report concerns to the Workplace Violence Response Team.

Recruiting, Affirmative Action, and Diversity: The Connection

Lyndon Huling | Talent Acquisition
Additional Presenters: Alissa Magorian | Enrollment Management

Presentation Slides (.pdf)

The goal of this interactive workshop is to provide UC Davis supervisors and hiring managers with insight into the interplay between affirmative action goals and our diversity recruitment efforts. Additionally, participants will learn about resources, strategies and best-practices to embed diversity and inclusion into their recruitments. We'll demystify affirmative action, equal opportunity employment, and answer all the questions you have wanted answered but were afraid to ask! Participants will:

  • Learn about the university's mission and vision as it relates to cultivating a diverse workforce
  • Gain insight into the history and current role affirmative action goals play in informing recruitment efforts
  • Generate strategies to embed diversity and inclusion into their recruitments
  • Feel empowered to make changes to their recruiting efforts to ensure every applicant is given the one-of-a-kind experience that defines who we are at UC Davis

Staff Diversity: Our Experience as an Employee at UC Davis

Lina Mendez | Center for Chicanx and Latinx Academic Student Success
Additional Presenters: Cydney Matteson | Undergraduate Advising, Chantay Jones | Bookstore

The Staff Diversity Advisory Administrative Committee is proud to lead a workshop where participants will listen to the work experiences of diverse staff in the form of a panel. The second part of this workshop will include a small group breakout session where participants will reflect about their own work experiences at UC Davis. Finally, together as a whole group we will make recommendations on how the institution can improve our experiences to make UC Davis an employer of choice. Learning Objectives: Participants will have an opportunity to share their work experiences at UC Davis. They will learn that others share or not similar experiences, they will walk away with a sense of agency. Our goal is for participants to walk away learning what others experience in different departments and to acknowledge that each of us has the capacity to bring our best selves to and from this place.

Increase Engagement by Focusing on Strengths

Amy Shuman | Student Affairs

Presentation Slides (.pdf)

Focusing our time and energy on what we excel in has been linked to increased productivity and engagement in the workplace. In this interactive workshop you will learn the five clues to talent, acquire tools to start conversations that focus on the positive, learn about the Strengthsfinder assessment tool, and see how a strengths-based approach can have a positive impact on individuals and teams. Imagine the possibilities if we could better articulate what we do best, and intentionally use those talents at work (every day!).