Staff Experience Survey Results

The 2022 Staff Experience Survey results are in, and here's how they compare to 2020.

Theme Davis Campus Score 2020 Davis Campus Score 2022 Impact on Engagement Survey Question
Purpose 81 79 High The work that I do at UC Davis is meaningful to me.
Role 79 77 High My role is an excellent fit with my strengths.
Workplace Flexibility n/a 77 High I am satisfied with the flexibility (e.g., flexible schedule, hybrid/remote work) provided by my department/work unit.
Manager 76 77 High I would recommend my direct supervisor/manager to others.
Overall Engagement
  • Happiness
  • Would Recommend










Very High

Very High


How happy are you working at UC Davis?

I would recommend UC Davis as a great place to work.

Feedback 74 73 High My direct supervisor/manager provides me with feedback that helps me improve my performance.
Care n/a 71 Very High At work, I feel cared about as a person.
Empowerment 73 70 High I feel empowered to make decisions regarding my work.
Work Life Balance 72 70 High I am able to successfully balance my work and personal life.
Resources 72 70 High I have the resources I need to do my job well (e.g. tools, technology, support).
Growth 71 69 Very High I have good opportunities to learn and grow at UC Davis.
Belonging 69 67 Very High I feel a sense of belonging at UC Davis. 
Culture 68 67 Very High UC Davis has a great culture.
Recognition 69 66 Very High I feel satisfied with the recognition or praise I receive for my work.
Speak My Mind 64 66 High I feel free to speak my mind without fear of negative consequences.
Leadership 68 65 Very High I have confidence in the campus leadership team (e.g. Chancellor, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Vice Provosts, and Deans).
Equal Opportunity 64 63 Very High Regardless of background, everyone at UC Davis has an equal opportunity to succeed.
Career 64 62 Very High I have good career opportunities at UC Davis.
Decision Making 58 62 Very High Overall, I am satisfied with how decisions are made in my department/work unit.
Intent to Stay n/a 61 Very High I rarely think about looking for a job outside of UC Davis.
Collaboration 60 59 High Departments/work units at UC Davis collaborate effectively to get things done.
Communication Flow n/a 55 Very High There is a good flow of communication between leadership, departments, and teams.
Action Taking 51 49 Very High I believe meaningful action will be taken as a result of this survey.

Top Needs

Respondents could select two of the following items when considering what was most critical to them. Here's how they ranked:
  1. Managing workload
  2. Job security
  3. Remote work resources
  4. Being treated with respect
  5. Healthcare and health-related information
  6. Other (please specify in comments)
  7. Sense of belonging and connection
  8. Child or family care
  9. Up-to-date information
  10. Safety and cleanliness at work