Staff Experience Campus Advisory Group

Great employers ask staff about their experiences, listen to their feedback and take meaningful actions to improve.

Thanks to our Staff Experience Survey, we can better understand the perspectives and needs of our employees.

Chancellor May, and Provost Croughan established a permanent Staff Experience Campus Advisory Group to:

  • Assess and identify gaps, best practices and trends that can improve the experience and engagement of staff at UCD.
  • Recommend solutions and programs to improve staff experience and engagement.

The Staff Experience Campus Advisory Group is meeting regularly to review staff feedback, policies, practices and programs in advance of providing advice to the Chancellor, Provost, campus offices and organizations on matters concerning the staff experience.

Group's Charge

"It is important for our campus to demonstrate meaningful and visible actions that we are taking to improve the staff experience." 


Christine Lovely, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Myrene Abot, HR Director, Offices of the Chancellor and Provost
Michelle Agnew, Business Analyst, Office of Business Transformation
Sheri Atkinson, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Life, Campus Community and Retention Services
Ian Blake, Executive Assistant Dean, College of Letters and Science
Sonja Colbert, Chief Operating Officer, Information and Educational Technology
Sheryl Soucy-Lubell, Director, Interdisciplinary Research Support, Office of Research
Mary McNally, Executive Assistant Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine
Allen Tollefson, Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Management, Finance, Operations and Administration
Standing Organization Representatives (or designees)
Christy Pearce, ADMAN Co-Chair
Jennifer Jackson, Staff Assembly Chair
Phil Kass, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
Richard Tucker, Academic Senate Chair
Renetta Garrison Tull, Vice Chancellor, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Ex-Officio Members
Lauren Bloom, Director, Office of the Ombuds
Steve Chilcott, Executive Director, HR Workforce Strategies
Karmen Fittes, Executive Director, HR Talent & Rewards