Think Creatively for Student Employees

As more departments reduce their services and/or deliver them remotely, our most vulnerable student employees could be disproportionately impacted.

The Internship and Career Center Can Help

The ICC is available to brainstorm ideas for work and projects that can keep your students productively working during suspended operations:

For many students, part-time employment is vital to their ability to persist in their studies and pay for essentials such as food and rent.

While Paid Administrative Leave is available to student employees, we encourage you to think creatively about project work and other tasks that students can still perform remotely in support of your department’s business needs.

Some potential projects you might consider for students:

  • Audit department website for broken links and content to update
  • Review and update departmental documents, like student staff training guides
  • Research best practices, web resources, etc. from other educational or similar institutions for ongoing/upcoming projects

The Internship and Career Center can also help by:

Again, thank you for all you’re doing to support students, patients, customers and your colleagues.

Best regards,


  • Marcie Kirk Holland
    Executive Director
    Internship and Career Center
  • Christine Lovely
    Chief Human Resources Officer
    Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources