SSO Funding Updates

Effective September 1, 2020, departments will no longer need to update funding for the actions listed below. 

Currently, the SSO only enters funding information for brand new positions. We are pleased to announce that we will  also be adding/updating funding in relation to the following actions:

  • Reclassifications – Upon Request
  • Job Extensions
  • Promotions
  • Additional Jobs
  • Rehires
  • Home Department Code Changes1
What is not included in this service?
  • Direct Retro Transactions
  • Straight Funding Changes2
What do I need to know?
  • When submitting AggieService cases for the actions listed above, the submitter must include the funding account(s) and if applicable, if more than one funding account, include the percentages to be entered. 
  • In many AggieService case types, the funding field is not mandatory.  Before submitting the case, please be sure the funding information is included.  If the funding is missing from the case, it could delay processing as SSO will need contact the submitter for the account information
  • When an employee is re-classed, they remain in the same position, the funding is not affected. If you would like the funding updated when the reclassification is processed, please include the new funding, with a note that says, “Please update funding to X-XXXXXXX.”
  • Once all information is received, normal processing timelines will apply to these actions.  For more information, please refer to the Payroll Processing Schedule on the SSO website.
  • Certain changes to an employee UCPath record, (such as Home Department Code Changes) automatically remove the existing funding and the position will revert to the default funding account. If you would like the SSO to re-enter the funding, please include this information in the case. You may attach a spreadsheet if multiple employees are affected.
What changes in AggieService case activity might I see?
  • In some instances, the funding can only be added or updated after another part of the process is completed and approved.  You may see AggieService cases remain open a little longer so that all activity can be completed.
  • 1If you have more than 5 employees who require a Home Department Code change, the SSO would like to meet with you to discuss this process.  Please submit a case and one of our staff will contact you to schedule a Zoom meeting.
  • 2Funding changes not connected to a job change will still be handled in the department. For example, your department has an employee that will begin working on a new grant. In this case, there is no other change to the employee job data, other than funding.  The department will continue to be responsible for these funding entries/changes, sometimes called “straight funding changes”.