Probationary Evaluations Beginning in UCPath ePerformance

Beginning Monday, Nov. 4, the first Probationary Checkpoint Evaluations will be distributed through UCPath ePerformance to supervisors of new staff employees.

By early December, UCPath ePerformance will also begin sending automated email notifications to supervisors when Probationary Final Evaluations documents are ready to be completed.

UCPath ePerformance brings consistency

For the first time, all UC Davis supervisors will use the same system to evaluate a new staff employee’s probationary performance. Near their three-month mark, supervisors will have the opportunity to rate each probationary employee’s performance as Satisfactory or Improvement Needed

As part of this conversation, the supervisor will work with the employee to identify two or three performance goals on which the employee should focus over the remaining three months of their six-month probationary period. Having these critical conversations at the outset of an employee’s time with us, helps support their long-term success with UC Davis.

UCPath ePerformance Rollout


Email Notification
to Supervisors

Completion Date

1st Notifications from UCPath ePerformance

Probationary Checkpoint Evaluation

Four weeks before employee’s three-month anniversary

Third month of employment (approximately).

Monday, Nov. 4
For employees hired at end of August 2019.

Probationary Final Evaluation

Four weeks before end of employee’s six-month probationary period.

Before end of employee’s six-month probationary period.

Monday, Dec. 2
For employees who were hired in late June 2019.

Please review the Performance Appraisal Pages on the HR website for more Probationary Evaluation information, including:

  • Rollout timeline
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Excluded staff populations

Annual Performance Appraisals

UC Davis will begin using UCPath ePerformance for staff employee appraisals in December. More information and user guides will be provided to supervisors and employees along with their call for evaluations.

See the UCPath ePerformance Annual Appraisal Timeline (.pdf)


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