Personal Effectiveness Training, Instructor-Led

"Your Flow State at Work" and "Becoming Better with Habits"

Two instructor-led courses are open for registration in the UC Learning Center, open to both staff and faculty. These two courses, both developed by L&D trainer Will Peters, are part of our department's efforts to make more UC Davis-specific learning opportunities available to all staff members.

“Your Flow State at Work” is a deep dive on how to spend more time being both productive and happy at work. The training teaches you tendencies that can you help you spend more time “in the zone” when you are doing individual and teamwork. This class debuted in June and attendees found it engaging, and highly applicable to their personal lives and workday.


“Becoming Better with Habits” is based in part on the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. The course also incorporates a strengths-based approach, in alignment with our department's emphasis on CliftonStrengths, to help empower teams and individuals. If you have wanted to learn strategies for how to build habits in line with your strengths, then this course is for you. 


Additional Resources

You don't have to wait until the next instructor-led training date to get started on personal effectiveness and time management classes. The Skillsoft e-Learning Library, available in the UC Learning Center, has several self-paced, just-in-time resources.

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