New Employee Evaluation System and New Ratings Coming with UCPath

Sometimes having more options is better, like when deciding how to evaluate an employee.

In 2020, UC Davis resumed using a five-level scale in annual performance appraisals for all represented and non-represented staff, with the exception of Police Officers and Nurses.

  1. Exceptional: Performance far exceeded expectations
  2. Exceeded Expectations: Performance consistently exceeded expectations
  3. Fully Achieved Expectations: Fully achieved and at times may have exceeded expectations
  4. Some Expectations Met: Performance occasionally met expectations but was inconsistent
  5. Expectations Not Met: Immediate improvement is needed

 “HR received a lot of thoughtful feedback from supervisors requesting that we return to using a five-level scale for non-represented staff,” noted Carina Celesia Moore, director of Talent Management & Development. “This positive change allows supervisors to better differentiate top performers from those who do a great job on a day-to-day basis.” After all, differentiating employee performance is critical for the Pay for Performance Program (P4P), as supervisors award non-represented staff different merit increases based on their individual performance.

UCPath Launched in September 2019

The five-level performance rating scale was implemented with the launch of UCPath’s performance appraisal system called UCPath ePerformance, which replaced EPAR on the Davis Campus and a legacy PeopleSoft system at UC Davis Health. With the exception of Police Officers and MSP staff physicians at Health, all UC Davis staff use UCPath's ePerformance appraisal system for their annual appraisals. 

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Familiarize yourself with the Appraisal Ratings Matrix, which describes more fully the five rating levels and their performance attributes.