Message from Executive Director, Jim Hankins

We asked Jim Hankins, the new Executive Director of the HR Shared Services Organization, for his initial impressions working at UC Davis. Here’s what he had to say.

I arrived at the SSO at a very exciting time, just as UC Path was about to go live. I couldn’t be prouder to have joined this SSO team, which is full of talented people driven to make things go smoothly for customers.

UCPath implementation has understandably been the SSO’s focus for some time and moving forward, UCPath will be the foundational platform that allows us to realize service enhancements. As we stabilize SSO operations and services over the coming months, we are also establishing priorities that align with HR’s commitments to improving speed, clarity, consistency and communication.

Specifically, the SSO will prioritize:

  1. Service delivery – by aligning the SSO’s efforts with HR’s commitments (speed, clarity, consistency, communication) we will improve processes and timelines to better support your departments.
  2. Client engagement – we are fortunate to have engaged customers and we’re constantly striving to understand your needs and perspectives so that the SSO can deliver valuable service  enhancements.
  3. Employee engagement – the SSO serves customers across the Davis Campus and UC Davis Health and we have tremendous opportunities to connect with the people, activities and destinations at both locations. We want the entire SSO team to enjoy their jobs and to reach their full potential here, which includes promoting career development opportunities, as well as opportunities to enjoy the vibrancy of the people and places we serve.

The SSO seeks out a lot of customer feedback and we’re thankful that you have provided us such thoughtful ideas and input when we meet your expectations, but also when we don’t. We will continue building upon our relationships with customers across UC Davis and delivering improved services that will help each of us continue Making the University Better Every Day!

Thank you for your continued support,

Jim Hankins