International New Hires: I-9 Verification Update

SSO will be moving forward with physical verifications for new hires soon.

International New Hires

Due to COVID-19, the SSO is hiring people that are not a US Citizen, including people who will be working outside the country. Below are some specific answers to common questions.

  • Do they have to complete an I-9? The new hires do not need to complete the I-9 until they enter the US.
  • Do they have to have a Tax ID Number? Not always. We tell the new hire that they need to obtain one, but the SSO does not monitor it. We also tell them they can either it themselves when they get one, or we can if the person wants to call us.  We don’t want the new hire to send this information to us electronically.
  • What about paying someone that is international? UCPath will mail a check internationally if we don’t have the ability to wire funds, such as to a US Affiliated bank.
  • Can we hire them without a social security number? Yes, we have the ability to enter them without a social security number as long as we are entering them as a non US citizen and not living in the US.