Funding Impacts When Home Department Code Changes

screen grab indicating HDC funding. Position level funding must align with the Position Number and HR Department.

If the employee's HR Department code changes, you must add Position Level funding for what's effectively a "new" combination (position number and HR Department combination).

For example, let's say you have an employee that was paid correctly during the B1 pay cycle, but then the HR Department was changed on Position, and no Funding Entry transaction was entered for the new combination. That individual's B2 payroll will be charged to the Default Account (Sub Account DEFLT) associated with the current (new) HR Department. 

How to Fix It
Users can enter the funding for the new Position Number and HR Department combination using the Funding Entry screen. However, the Funding Entry Inquiry will not return Position Number and HR Department combinations that have blank funding. In the accompanying photo, the position 40247186 is associated with new HR Department 030012, but only the old HR Department record will return in the results until funding is entered for the new combination.  That’s because position level funding needs to be added for this position/department combination. 

Identifying Current HR Department
If you’re not sure which HR Department is current, look it up in the Person Organizational Summary Page. Simply navigate to PeopleSoft Menu >> Workforce Administration >> Personal Information >> Person Organizational Summary.