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Flu Vaccinations: Self-Reporting and Exemptions

According to the revised UC Flu Vaccination Executive Order, all employees and students who will be accessing any UC Davis facility during the 2020-21 influenza season are required to receive a flu vaccination, or an approved exemption from the flu vaccination mandate that allows you to come on campus.

Updated Nov. 10

This mandate applies to those who will be living, learning or working on campus. However, all members of the campus community - and their families - are strongly encouraged to get the flu vaccination.

Those who have not received and reported their flu vaccination may not enter UC Davis facilities beginning Nov. 16.

Information Below is for Davis Campus Employees
UC Davis Health employees - flu shot clinics, verification of flu shot and exemption request process are on the UC Davis Health webpage 


Self-Reporting Flu Vaccination

Beginning Nov. 16, the Daily Symptom Survey will ask all affiliates:

Have you received a flu vaccination after August 1, 2020 OR do you have an approved exemption from the flu vaccination mandate that allows you to come on campus?

Someone who answers “no” to that question will receive a “Not Approved” letter, requiring them to leave campus and denying them entry to UC Davis facilities, with the exception of Student Health and Counseling Services/Occupational Health Services for treatment, or their on-campus residence.

  • Beginning Nov. 16, please visit the Daily Symptom Survey at to report your flu vaccination.
  • Self-report your flu vaccination once in the Daily Symptom Survey – not every day – but make sure you complete the entire survey (symptom questions too) or your responses will not be recorded. 

Flu Vaccine Exemptions

For those employees who cannot or do not wish to receive a flu vaccine for medical, disability, or religious reasons, they may request an exemption and accommodation. The Flu Shot Exemption page on the HR website explains how employees may request a flu vaccine exemption and the review/approval process that follows. If you intend to request an exemption, please do so immediately. Those without an exemption and accommodation by Nov. 16 will not be allowed entry to UC Davis facilities, until they fulfill the flu vaccine mandate.

Take Action!

1. Get a flu vaccination and remind your colleagues/employees to do the same

  • Flu vaccinations are mandated for all affiliates who may enter campus facilities during the 2020-21 flu season.

2. Self-report your flu vaccination through the Daily Symptom Survey beginning Nov. 16

  • Whether an employee is entering a facility that day or won’t return to campus for weeks, the Daily Symptom Survey is the tool for self-reporting flu vaccinations.
  • Data from self-reported flu vaccinations will be available to Human Resources, Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.

3. Read about the medical/religious exemptions to the UC flu vaccine mandate

  • Employees who require an exemption (medical, disability or religious) from the flu shot mandate should first talk with their supervisor.
  • Individuals with an approved flu vaccination exemption can self-report it via the Daily Symptom Survey beginning Nov. 16.  

Disciplinary Action

Failure to comply with UC’s flu vaccination mandate could result in disciplinary action, which depending upon the individual circumstances, may be a letter of warning, an unpaid suspension, or termination.

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