DV and Purchasing Reminders

Below you can find reminders for commonly used forms and guidelines related to DV and purchasing work done through the SSO.

DV and Purchasing Related Reminders



Memberships  For Memberships, we require back-up documentation showing the amount they also require either a Dean, Department Chair or a Vice Chancellor’s approval.
Refunds For refunds that we process for our clients, we are required to provide proof of original payment to the University.
Utility For Utility payments, we are required to attach the full bill (i.e. all pages), especially on any phone bills we process.
Source Selection & Price Reasonableness Justification Form 

This form is required for all purchase requests that exceed $100k. It is also used when you are wishing to process a request without additional quotes for over $50k (aka Sole Source). Additionally, it should be used any time you use any Federal Funding for a request that exceeds $10k.

Individual Disclosure Statement for Proposed Sole Source Purchase Form 

This form is an additional form that accompanied by the Source Selection and Price Reasonableness Justification Form when being used as a “Sole Source Form” mentioned above. All individuals involved in choosing the vendor must fill out and sign this form.

Independent Contractor (Individual) Pre-Hire Information Form

This form is required for each request placed with an Individual-owned vendor. It is specific to each contract and therefore, we must include a new form for each interaction with a vendor unless we are utilizing a Purchase Agreement. 

Vendor Risk Assessment Form

This form is required whenever a vendor will be hosting University information on their servers (AKA Cloud-Based services). You can look-up previously reviewed vendors and work with the ISO Risk and Compliance team at cybersecurity@ucdavis.edu for additional information. Note: This form must be fully finalized by IET before the SSO, or SCM, can proceed with the request.

Covered Services Form

This form is required whenever the campus wishes to Contract with an Outside vendor for any services covered under UC Regents Policy 5402.

Note: This form must be fully approved by Employee and Labor Relations before the SSO, or SCM, can proceed with the request.

Bidding Guidelines

The Campus Bidding Guidelines should be followed when placing any orders for the University.

Capital Assets Information This information we need anytime we are purchasing a piece of equipment. The items we need include: the building code for where the equipment will be housed (four digits numbers); the room number; and the custodial code (also four digits).