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Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program Enhanced

Strengthening UC Davis' catastrophic leave sharing program by allowing donations to a general pool for employees in need 

To strengthen the Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program at UC Davis and UC Davis Health, employees may donate vacation leave to a general pool for employees in need, starting on May 1st. This is in addition to donations of PTO/vacation leave for a particular employee. PTO cannot be donated to the general pool at this time.

Under the Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program, any employee may donate accrued vacation/ PTO hours to employees who have exhausted all paid leave balances to address circumstances such as:

  • A catastrophic illness or injury of an employee;
  • To care for a family or household member with a catastrophic illness or injury;
  • Death of a family or household member;
  • To address a catastrophic casualty loss suffered due to a terrorist attack, fire, or natural disaster, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

This program embodies our Principles of Community by giving employees the opportunity to support colleagues in need by providing temporary salary and benefits continuation.

Departments are responsible for notifying an employee about this program if it is likely that they could be an eligible recipient, though eligible employees can certainly initiate the process.    

Review the process, access forms and learn more on the Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program webpage.