Messages from the CHRO

Please read the following messages from the Chief Human Resources Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, Christine Lovely.

Race Matters

As human resources professionals, we are called upon daily to address complex, sometimes emotional and oftentimes uncomfortable circumstances. Just like we did with the other pandemic, we must respond to and give guidance to help root out systemic racism and bias.

Layoffs as Last Resort

Our philosophy will be to use indefinite layoffs as the tool of last resort to address COVID-19 related fiscal challenges. 

Care for Yourselves and Your Teams

Life and death matters are transpiring in the United States today, on top of the COVID-19 pandemic. At UC Davis, the physical, mental and emotional health of our employees, students and patients must always be a priority.

Think Creatively for Student Employees

As more departments reduce their services and/or deliver them remotely, our most vulnerable student employees could be disproportionately impacted.