Employee Excellence Awards

The Employee Excellence Award recognizes individuals and teams who have demonstrated excellence in one or more of the health system’s strategic guiding principles.

Please help recognize individuals and teams, by nominating them for demonstrated excellence in:

  • Kindness
  • Trust
  • Inclusion
  • Social Responsibility
  • Teamwork/Collaboration

Nominations will be available in late summer, a date will be posted here.

  • Download the nomination form
  • (Nominations are currently closed)
    • Completed forms should be sent to Benjamin Gamez in Human Resources


The following career/regular employees may be eligible for a recognition award:

  • Policy-covered Professional and Support Staff (PSS) employees
  • Policy-covered Managers and Senior Professionals (MSP) employees
  • Union-represented employees if the applicable collective bargaining agreement authorizes participation in recognition award plans
  • Faculty and Academic Staff are not eligible

How much is the award?

The amount of the cash awards are $1,000 per individual award and $2,000 per team award. Up to 20 individual awards of $1,000 are granted, and up to 5 team awards are granted. Team awards are limited to a total of$2,000, awarded equally to each listed team member.

How do I nominate an employee or team?

Complete the nomination form and be sure to include a paragraph summarizing how the nominee has demonstrated excellence in one of the UC Davis Health's strategic guiding principles. Nominations may be submitted by any UCDHS staff member however, staff may not nominate themselves. 

How are awards selected?

An Award Selection Committee consisting of representatives from various UC Davis Health departments complete a  standardized review process. Nominations will be reviewed and considered in alignment with UC Davis Health's strategic guiding principles. The paragraph summary is the primary way the Award Selection Committee ranks the nominations.

Are all nominees recognized?

Nominees selected by the Award Selection Committee receive a congratulatory letter, certificate, and a $1,000 or $2,000 award based on a team or individual award. Nominees not selected by the committee for an award will receive a certificate of nomination to honor their contributions

How are awards distributed?

Awards are delivered via e-certificate in an email from Human Resources. Employees without an email address will be presented with a printed recognition e-certificate. If the recognition is monetary, the e- certificate will include a gift certificate code that may be redeemed through the employee recognition website. 

A selection committee consisting of representatives from various UC Davis Health departments as well as Staff Assembly and Employee Resource Group members determine the winners. For more information on employee recognition programs click here.