Staff Recruitments and Background Checks

The background check will seek only felony and felony reduced-to-misdemeanor and misdemeanor convictions and verification of identity.

Department Responsibilities:

  • Completes Background Check Worksheet for all positions to determine if this is a critical position. The department retains Background Check Worksheet in department file.  Positions that require Background Check: Personnel Policies for Staff Members, 21 Appointment-UCD Procedure - Exhibit D.
  • If Background Check is required, list the statement under work environment section in the position description "This position is a critical position and subject to a background check. Employment contingent upon successful completion of a background investigation including criminal history and identity check."
  • Submits the position description through the PeopleAdmin system for Compensation/HR review.
  • Conducts interviews, follows selection process and makes a conditional offer of employment contingent upon successful completion of the background check and provides the hire finalist with a conditional offer letter. If the position requires working with minors, in particular children, the new hire finalist cannot begin work until background check has cleared.
  • Schedules appointment for the new hire finalist with the UC Davis Police Department for fingerprint based background check using Live Scan. Provides new hire finalist with copy of Background Check Authorization and Authorization to Release Information forms. The new hire finalist takes completed forms to the appointment.
  • Provide the new hire finalist with one of the three conditional offer letters listed below. A copy of the letter must be provided to Employment Consultant/Recruiter.
    • Offer of employment contingent upon the individual successfully passing the background check;
    • Offer of employment with restrictions before the background check has cleared;
    • Offer of employment without restrictions before the background check has cleared

Note: An individual must clear a background check before the individual is sent to Employee Health for a position requiring a pre-placement physical. 

Off-site Background Check: Contact your Employment Consultant/Recruiter for assistance.

Employment Consultant/Recruiter Responsibilities:

  • Reviews job requisition background check requirement/statement with the department for appropriate critical factor.
  • Contacts department if hire finalist successfully/unsuccessfully completes the background check.