The First Day: Welcoming Your New Employee

Set your new employee up for success from the start.

To ease anxiety, create a comfortable environment and have a plan to get your new employee involved, while remembering not to overwhelm him/her. Not only is this your opportunity to give information, it is your new employee’s chance to share beyond what was discussed pre-arrival. At the end of the day, your new employee should know the basic operations of the department and leave feeling that he/she has joined the right team.


  • Be there when your new employee arrives.
  • Meet with your new employee.
    • Discuss plans for the first day
    • Discuss the department’s vision and mission and how your new employee’s job supports them
  • Invite the department head to greet your new employee.
  • Introduce your new employee to his/her “buddy”.
  • Introduce your new employee to other members of the department.
    • Identify other resources (Shared Service Center representatives, departmental benefits assistant)
  • Hold a small gathering or go out for lunch together.
  • Make yourself as available as possible throughout the day.

Work Environment

  • Show your new employee his/her work area.
  • Ensure your new employee has all necessary supplies and equipment.
  • Allow time to set up work area.
  • Provide a tour of the work site.
  • Point out storage areas for resource materials and supplies.
  • Point out restrooms, common shared areas and points of interest (vending machines, refrigerator, coffee service, break room, mail boxes, printers, copiers).
  • Explain building access and security measures.
  • Issue keys or similar department access.
  • Discuss transportation and parking options and allow time for your new employee to go to Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS).
  • Have them browse the UC Davis website to learn more about what we do.

Policies, Procedures and Paperwork