Look at position descriptions, performance appraisals, and awards or achievements to help you develop accomplishment statements. What can you say about your performance?

For example:

  • What has improved or changed for the better due to your efforts?  
  • Have you served on a committee or worked on a team to accomplish a project?
  • What new skills or knowledge have you gained?
  • What have you done that has made you proud?
  • Did you meet or exceed performance standards? How?
  • Did you design or modify a system or procedure to make it better?
  • How have you made a difference in your department or for individuals?
  • Have you made a presentation or led a workshop?
  • What has been your biggest accomplishment?
  • Have you dealt with difficult employees, vendors or clients?
  • Have you successfully supervised or trained others?
  • What challenges have you overcome?
  • Have you received outstanding evaluations on some aspect of your work?
  • Have you increased participation, donations, sales or productivity? How?
  • Did you create something new- a program, procedure, event, form, newsletter, etc.?
  • Have you saved your organization time or money?
  • Have you successfully managed a project?  What was the scope? The results?
  • What did you accomplish that no one expected or asked of you?
  • Did you develop and/or implement a new approach to doing something that was more effective?

Don’t forget to include information about team or group involvement, and balance the information to include technical and interpersonal skills.