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UC Davis Health

Ticon III, Suite 2600
(916) 734-2676

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Our Mission

Developing and engaging our talented workforce by connecting them to high-quality programs, services, and resources designed to foster continuous learning and  professional growth which advances performance across the university.

Our Vision

Learning and Development strives to provide innovative resources, content and tools that are relevant, inclusive and accessible to all types of learners. By providing  exceptional and equitable opportunities, we will strengthen the university.

Our Teams

UC Davis Campus

Name Position Contact
Annalisa Teixeira, PhD, PCC Interim Lead, UC Davis Campus and Health
Kristin Dees, EdD Senior Trainer
Brandee Mead LMS Administrator 
Laura Rogers Learning and Development Analyst
Carmen Soriano Learning and Development Analyst
Joanne Touhey Project Lead
Maria Villagrana Program Assistant

UC Davis Health

Name Position Contact
Jocelyn Newman Senior Training Analyst, Interim Manager 

JoAnna Van Brocklin Training Analyst

Kimberly DeVaughn Training Analyst

Gloria Bacani Program Assistant
Hollie Oates Program Assistant