Unemployment Insurance

The UCPath Center works in cooperation with UC Davis and UC Davis Health HR to manage all unemployment insurance claims against the University.

Employees and former employees initiate claims with the State of California Employment Development Department (EDD) at https://edd.ca.gov/Unemployment/Filing_a_Claim.htm

Forward Communications Immediately Via Email or Fax
Supervisors, managers, and human resources representatives should immediately forward paper documents and electronic communications (e.g., voicemail, text, email), and report any conversations/inquiries from CA EDD related to an employee's unemployment insurance claim, to the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Point of Contact (see below) via email or fax.

Please do not send documents by intercampus mail.
With mandated time limits set by the State of California, failure to respond accurately and timely can result in significant penalty to the University.

Supervisors, department management, and Human Resource representatives may be contacted by the UI Point of Contact (see below) to promptly supply additional information related to an employee claim, or may be called upon to appear as a witness at an Unemployment Insurance Hearing.

Unemployment Insurance Contact:

Pam Fiorini
Employee & Labor Relations 

Phone: 530-752-4915
FAX: 530-752-1289
Email: uiclaims@ucdavis.edu