Requesting an Equity Adjustment (UC Davis Health)

An equity adjustment is a base-building salary increase.

It may be awarded in the following situations:

  • When a newly-hired employee's salary exceeds that of a current career employee by more than 5%, if both are in the same classification and department, and if the new employee has comparable or less relevant experience; or
  • When there is a salary inequity between a supervisor and the employees supervised

Additional considerations:

  • Equity adjustments that are greater than 5% require approval by the appropriate Associate Director or Department Chair and such requests are subject to further review and approval by the Compensation unit.
  • Union notice must be provided when equity adjustments are proposed for represented employees. Approval by the Office of the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources is required for equity adjustments for MSP employees.
  • Equity adjustments are not granted when new duties are added to an employee's position. Such cases should be handled through the classification review process.

Request an equity adjustment via the PeopleAdmin system