UC’s Commitment to Preserving Jobs

A statement from President Drake on October's consultation process with the UC community to preserve jobs and avoid COVID-related layoffs, while addressing UC's $2 billion budget deficit due to the pandemic.

Explaining UC Davis, UCOP Curtailment Plans

These curtailment plans are separate from each other. Also, the reasons behind them are different, which is why the Davis campus plan will be implemented differently than the UCOP plan if it is implemented as proposed.

Proposed UCOP Curtailment Program 2020-21

*Updated Oct. 28* - This year, we are contemplating an expanded minimum curtailment period in order to address our financial challenges, while minimizing impacts to employees.

Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program Enhanced

To strengthen the Catastrophic Leave Program at UC Davis and UC Davis Health, employees may now donate vacation leave to a general pool for employees in need, in addition to donations for a particular employee.

Consider Taking a Vacation Day

This year is different, but UC is still providing generous vacation allowances, and the need for taking leave might be all the greater.